Is Manny Pacquiao the Bullet with Floyd Mayweather’s Name on It?


There’s an old saying that, “Everyone has a bullet with their name on it.” This saying  is usually said to remind us that none of us are invincible, and there just may be that one person out there that just might have our number. Regardless of how good you are at a particular skill or craft, there could be someone out there that just may be better on a particular occasion. Could Manny Pacquiao be that bullet with Floyd Mayweather’s name on it?

It’s easy to look at both men’s recent performances over the last couple of years and say that Floyd Mayweather should beat Manny Pacquiao, and he would most certainly be favored to do so at the sportsbooks. But, maybe Floyd Mayweather knows something that we don’t. There just may be something about Manny Pacquiao and his style that troubles him. Of course he isn’t going to publicly admit that but now that Pacquiao has shown some vulnerability in recent years, it would seem like it would be the perfect time to strike while the iron is hot. Regardless of what anyone says about the potential fight having lost its luster and that it should have happened years ago, it is still the biggest money fight out there that boxing has to offer.

There have been many excuses made by both men as to why this fight hasn’t happened yet, but it seems as though Manny Pacquiao has pretty much given in to all of Floyd’s demands and has even undergone Olympic style drug testing in his last fight, so that would seem like a non issue at this point. I’m really not buying into the latest excuse of Floyd not wanting to do business with Bob Arum as the reason why the fight can’t happen. There’s only one thing that I believe Floyd cares about more than money and that’s protecting his undefeated record. In my own humble opinion the Arum excuse is just a smokescreen.

It’s hard not to notice the reactions of both men when they are asked about fighting each other. Manny Pacquiao seems very calm and relaxed and always says that he wants the fight while Floyd Mayweather gets very agitated and refuses to answer questions a lot of times when asked about it. It leads us to believe that he is the one that really doesn’t want the fight.

I’ve always believed that Mayweather would beat Pacquiao, and I still do, but that doesn’t really matter. The question is: Does Floyd Mayweather believe that he can beat Manny Pacquiao? You can tell a person who is afraid of flying that it is much safer to fly than it is to drive a car and provide that person with statistical evidence to support your claim but if that person has it in their head that they are afraid of flying, they are not going to get on that plane.

There are some people out there who say that they don’t care if the fight happens because they feel that Floyd would win easily anyway. They love to bring up how Floyd toyed with Juan Manuel Marquez and beat him so easily while Pacquiao struggled in his three fights against Marquez and got knocked out cold when they met the fourth time. But, didn’t Pacquiao destroy Miguel Cotto while Floyd had a much tougher time against an older version of Cotto?

Just because fighter A loses to fighter B and fighter C beat fighter B, that doesn’t mean fighter A can’t beat fighter C. There are many examples that prove this. Ken Norton beat Muhammad Ali and lost to George Foreman but Ali was still able to beat Foreman.  Bernard Hopkins lost to Jermain Taylor twice. Kelly Pavlik beat Jermain Taylor twice but lost to Hopkins. The most recent example is when Abner Mares got knocked out by Johnny Gonzalez. Gonzalez lost to Daniel Ponce De Leon in late 2012 while Mares knocked out De Leon in May of 2013.

Mayweather can retire tomorrow and still go into the Boxing Hall of Fame unquestionably. Some will even consider him an all time great regardless if he fights Pacquiao or not. It’s really hard to question Floyd’s greatness, but I just have this vision in my head of Floyd being retired without having fought Manny Pacquiao and him out walking around in a shopping mall or eating dinner at restaurant with his family and a fan walks up to him and asks him for his autograph then after Floyd signs it the fan asks him, “By the way, why didn’t you ever fight Manny Pacquiao?” I think the spirit of Manny Pacquiao will haunt Floyd forever if this fight ends up never happening.


  1. best article ive read. this would wake up alot of fans to the reality that floyd never wanted a piece of manny. a very smart fighter like floyd so gifted that he knows a fighter to beat or not before they enter the ring. manny will not only go down as the only fighter that has won 8 titles in 8 different weight classes. he will be remebered as the only fighter to make the current number one pound for pound fighter floyd mayweather jr not to sign a fight deal. worse than saying “no mas”

  2. I think you hit it in the head, Joe. Floydie saw something in Pacquiao’s style that the so-called “experts” can’t seem to see, a style that will surely render useless his shoulder roll defense. Not only that, the foot speed is way above Floydie’s.

  3. floyd maybe is still convinced after the rios fight that manny still posses the great stamina that he always has to carry his tools to the later round with him. floyd for being a master of his craft gets more effective when his opponent cant keep up with the pace as the round goes by. thats where he becomes more dangerous. excellent conditioning is floyds game plan on every fight, to be able to hit and not get hit is when he frustrates the opponent tends to get tired easily. manny defeating bradley by 10 rd ko i would say a better measusrement if he still has that stamina to keep up with floyd.

  4. I,too, believe that Floyd is a better fight technician than Pacquiao. But the way Floyd
    reacts when Pacquiao’s name is mentioned reflects a kind of demeanor akin to a sense of fear. just saying.

  5. Doesn’t matter what you say. Everything has been written already, argued already and keep going in circles. None of that would make sense until Floyd finally pick his ball out from his fans mouth.
    If you are man enough to brag you should be man enough not to hide behind your fans. Step up the plate prove once and for all that you are better than Manny inside the ring, not in tweeter, facebook or media interview.

  6. as marquez to pacquiao, the difference is that pacquiao faces marquez 4 times to taste the bullet and the last time they meet pacquiao got hit bullseye. call Floyd a coward but he knows how to dodge his bullet, by keeping away from the barrel.

  7. Nice Article…Well said…But If Manny will go public only to challenge Floyd Then Floyd most likely will keep his mouth shut-Floyd’s behaviour is like a little chihuahua,keeps barking when a person turning away But If a person stays put ,a little chihuahua runs like crazy…So Manny man up…Stop saying”It’s up to my Promoter thing,The whole World knows that you are a humble man,ur not arrogant,Only for now,challenge Floyd …

  8. I always believed that styles makes the fight more interesting to watch. We have this so called “curiousity”who will win the fight. Floyd has the edge in terms of defense and timing. But the big Q is will he hurt pacquiao? The only way to beat Manny is to put him to sleep just what Marquez did. But there is also Q with his new found super strength. Anyway back to Floyd and Manny, what if Manny will unleash his bombs, an angular big shots which a lot of experts said that this is a gift and can’t be learned from a trainer. A lot of his ex opponents admitted that they can’t see those shots ie, Rios, Diaz , Mosely to name a few. If that big shot will land at Floyd. What do you think will happen? Does he have the chance to roll his shoulder? Or perhaps he will roll on the floor.

  9. Damn right!!!!!!Your the one who need to push the fight…..everybody knows what you wrote but nobody want to push the mandatory fight…..somebody needs to step up from the Boxing organization….and provably boycott Floyd next fight……………

  10. You nailed it Joe-If Manny will be more aggressive this time to CHALLENGE Floyd Then,Floyd will stop insulting Manny…So many times,Years after years because Manny let him so….Then Manny is also has the share of BLAME on why this fight is not happening…BOYCOTT Floyd’s next fight and so Manny’s….All we need to see is just one fight this year…Floyd vs Manny…

  11. Nicely done. Perfect. Manny will haunt Floyd like Chucky the doll. Joe, send this article to Floyd. Thanks.

  12. I’ve always held the “opinion” that Floyd would most likely beat Manny. It’s not like Floyd is one-dimensional, and would be up a creek without a paddle IF Manny was to crack the shoulder roll. Mayweather could adjust in the ring. With that being said, I’m annoyed with both fighters. People say that Mayweather doesn’t want the fight, and there might be some validity to that, but does Manny really want the fight?

    All Manny would have to do after his fights was to call Mayweather out. Why does Manny not call Mayweather out in his post-fight interviews? Why do we always have to hear, “well, umm, I need to talk to my promoter, and we will talk, then we will go from there!?!” I think about other fighters who were being ducked in the past. These fighters were quite vocal, and they even campaigned to get the fight. How did Marquez get his rematches against Manny? He was vocal, and he wanted the fight, therefore getting the fight. I don’t see this from Manny. When did Manny ever ask why Floyd is ducking him? When did Manny ever Campaign for this fight? How did Floyd get his shot against Oscar? In Floyd’s prime, Floyd was calling out everyone, and he got his shot!

    Floyd did call Manny out, and he did this twice, but I still don’t like the way he did it. Floyd opened the door for Manny to step right in when he sent out his lame tweets. Manny didn’t walk through the door. Where is the Manny campaign saying,” I’m the number one contender, you have been ducking me for years, and you need to fight me now!?!” This doesn’t exist. I’m annoyed with both fighters. I’m annoyed with Floyd’s childish tweets, (reminding me of elementary school, Manny if you want to fight me, please circle yes/no) and Manny’s “let me talk to my promoter,” when he should be saying,”it’s time to fight Floyd, no more games, let’s get it on!!!!”

  13. Phil, i answered a different question last week with the same answer that i will give u..
    Pacquiao will never do the calling out as u are suggesting. It is just not in our culture..
    He will choose not having the fight materialize than be branded a braggart the rest of his life by his countrymen. If u dont believe me, you can do some research to see if i’m telling the truth…

  14. Phil, recall the MAYWEATHER VS. ORTIZ press con. FLOYD said PACMAN UR NEXT ,but after the fight he said he was misquoted by the press. FLOYD is so boastful but in the end retracts every word uttered. Or He just use PACMANS name to get higher PPV sales. Tell FLOYD next time he fights NEVER to use PACMANS name for the sake of selling the fight

  15. Some people are asking Arum to pre-terminate his contract with Pacquiao this year in order that Mayweather fights Manny this year. The problem is, if Arum does this, Mayweather will find another excuse not to fight Pacquiao. However, if Arum indeed terminates his contract with Pacquiao, Arum will be ding a great service to boxing. After the fight is done, then Arum & Pacquiao can sign another contract.