Ishe Smith confused/bugged about all the Canelo hate


    “If another country had 1 a Javier Hernandez or a Canelo, do you know how big that would be for them? Huge… Very few times is a Mexican athlete valued [in Mexico].”

    That’s how Canelo feels. The amount of hate and discredit he gets from his own people is a hard thing to bear. If you were to ask a Mexican or person of Mexican descent who the biggest enemy of a Mexican is they would most likely tell you it’s another Mexican. 

    We are often described as crabs in a bucket. When one of us succeeds there are many willing to try and pull us down. When Yalitza Aparicio won awards for her performance in Roma several actresses in Mexico were quick to criticize her for her skin tone and indigenous background. 

    The treatment Canelo gets may seem fine to some but it’s shocking to others. Ishe Smith does not understand why Canelo gets treated this way and he took to Twitter to vent his frustration and question why it is so.

    “Say what you want about Canelo but the fact he’s still competing at a high level (the highest) with all the money he has bagged. Man I fucking salute that, that money stretch real good in Mexico too,” Tweeted Smith. “Nelo doesn’t feel the love from his fellow countrymen. My Mexican homies are shocked Im a fan.  Some I’m cool with don’t like him. I ask why, they can never give me a definitive answer to why they don’t like him. It’s always he thinks he’s this or that, he’s not better than Chavez.”

    Every generation has a special talent. After Julio Cesar Chavez, Mexico was blessed with three amazing fighters to bring us to this last decade. Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez was able to fight at the top in his final fights and at that time Canelo was coming up. Once those fighters were gone and Canelo took the reigns as Mexico’s top fighter the hate intensified. Prior to that, it gained lots of traction after the Floyd Mayweather fight and the change in fighting style.

    “Fighters like Canelo don’t come to often. Fucking embrace and enjoy them while they are here. Don’t need to give him roses when he’s gone, celebrate him now.” “This game has used and spit so many fighters out, left them broke, left them with life sustained injuries, when a fighter gets over I’m happy for them. I’m in the minority, fuck the promoters, they will always make their bread. So whether is Teo, Canelo, or whoever. Get ya bread”

    One of the biggest complaints people have towards Canelo is his opposition. He either ducked someone, got a gift decision or waited for someone to get old. 

    “I will never understand the Canelo hate, especially amongst his own people. He’s fought everyone and never dodged a challenge. Just don’t get it!!! It’s cringe worthy to me, it’s like Mexicans here telling other Mexicans to go back to Mexico. I just don’t get it.” “Jacobs, Mayweather, GGG 2x, Trout, Kovalev, Lara, Cotto, man I just don’t fucking get it…”

    Smith was bombarded with responses to the hate towards Canelo. Truth be told most of the responses are ridiculous. The Mayweather fight always comes up. If it’s not Mayweather it’s GGG or Lara.

    “Just look at the response regarding my tweets about Nelo. Says a lot, and says more why he doesn’t feel the love in his country. One tweet was he let a 37 year old Floyd Mayweather beat him, I don’t know anyone who would of beaten Floyd that night. Smdh.” “Superstars get the benefit of the doubt sometimes, y’all thought GGG beat him, he fought him again. I didn’t think Lara or Trout beat him, IMO…Oscar never fought Quartey again, never fought Sweet Pea again, and he never fought Sturm again. But Why the disrespect  towards Nelo?”

    There are several that feel hatred towards Canelo because of the way he looks. Light skinned with red hair. When you look at not just Mexicans but all of Latin America we are all shades of colors skin and hair. Self hatred was something brought over by Europeans long ago. It’s seen in other cultures as well such as Indians (from India) and African Americans. It’s disgraceful and has been a part of the culture for a long time. Some things don’t die over time and this is something that has lived on. In the case of Mexico it’s usually the lighter skin you are is looked at better because it usually indicates that you are not a peasant or less indigenous blood in your DNA. It’s a pity because Mexico is one of the counties that honors its indigenous heritage but treats its living indigenous like garbage. 

    Hate works both ways though when it comes to looks though and it’s something that some feel towards Canelo.

    “Is it true? Is the hate because he doesn’t look Mexican? If that’s the case for that’s a fucking shame! You have to be kidding me!”