Ryan Garcia Says Pacquiao Fight Fell Through Due to Manny’s Side


It was almost two months ago that Ryan Garcia had his career-defining fight [up to this point]. He got knocked down early in his fight with Luke Campbell and came back to stop Campbell with a beautiful liver shot.

After the fight, there were several names going around for Garcia to fight including Tank Davis and Devin Haney but the name Garcia wanted more than anything was Manny Pacquiao.  

The Pacquiao fight seemed like it was going to happen. Garcia went on social media prematurely to announce the fight and then rumors began to swirl. There was talk of the fight being an exhibition which had fans upset. Soon after it went around that it was going to be an actual fight…fans still weren’t sold. 

Now, we are at the end of February and it’s clear the fight will not take place. Where does the fault lay? According to Garcia, it’s on Pacquiao’s end.

“It got as close as it could get,” Garcia told Boxing Social. “I seen contracts in front of me. Everything fell through because of certain things Manny’s end. He’s a legend, I hope the best for him no matter what.”