Jennings Thinks Stiverne Wins but Fight with Wilder Would Be Bigger


    jennings_575In July of this year, American heavyweight prospect Bryant “By-By” Jennings passed his biggest test to date when he won a close split decision victory over Cuban standout Mike Perez. The fight with Perez was the quintessential pick ‘em fight to which Jennings came out on the positive end.

    Through Jennings was coming off winning six of his last eight by knockout, he finally was pushed to the end by a very game, and talented Perez. “My last fight I actually learned a couple things. Nothing new just upgrading my focus,” stated Jennings.

    Now still undefeated and on the forefront of the heavyweight title battlegrounds, Jennings for the first time in his career can look forward to title match up knowing that one day he will get the call for his first world title shot. Soon Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne will battle for the WBC Heavyweight Championship in what could be the most exciting clash of titans we have seen in that division in years.

    Looking forward Jennings is optimistic that he will get the winner and although he thinks he knows who will win, both competitors have strengths as to why the matchup will be electric, Jennings stated, “ Style wise it doesn’t matter because I’ll adjust anyway. I think that Bermane will win the fight but I want Deontay to win the fight because that would be bigger, that’s a bigger fight. Two American heavyweights going at it for the world championship.”

    For the last few years Wilder has been pushed as the next great champion and the savor of the heavyweight division. One thing is for sure, he does have power but his level of opposition has been questioned by everyone and Jennings is no different. “The power might be real but the opponents aren’t.” He continued, “You can’t even pinpoint the type of fighter he is because of the opponents.”