Joel Diaz Says He Wants VADA Testing But Top Rank Will Have The Final Say


    Leading up to one of the most anticipated rematches and bouts of the year current WBO Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley (31-0 12KOs) will try to erase his proverbial blemish when he takes on the challenger Manny Pacquiao (55-5 38KOs). In his last time out, Bradley won a decisive victory over the Mexican Legend Juan Manuel Marquez, defending his title for the second time.

    Prior to the Bradley/Marquez fight the negations almost came to a screeching halt , when there was a difference in opinion on what Anti-Doping agency would be used to test the fighters. Even when the fighters agreed to fight and promotions were underway, there were still talks that the fight could fall through if an agreement was not reached. Just like when you prefer one mechanics shop over another, some fighters feel that other agencies are more “trustworthy”. Now once again both the Bradley camp and the Pacquiao camp can’t come to terms and agree on what agency to use.

    Pacquiao in his last fight used the Anti-Doping agency VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association), which is Bradley’s agency of choice. But now even after using that agency in his last fight, VADA might not be used even as both fighters have been tested by the agency in their last fight. Joel Diaz long time trainer of Bradley says that nothing has changed on their stance between fights but just like last time all they can do is demand, whether it comes to fruition is another story and essential the final decision is made by the promoters.

    Diaz stated, “We’re hoping we get VADA but at the end of the day the promoters are the ones that really are the bosses.” Diaz continued, “For the Marquez fight we wanted VADA but he wanted USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency)… then Bob (Arum) came in and said we are not going to use either or, we are going to use Nevada State Athletic Commission Testing.”