Josesito Lopez Excited For Ortiz-Berto 2, Wants To Fight Both Fighters

BertoOrtiz_Hogan42The rematch between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto has been five years in the making. The first encounter between the two did not go the way many boxing fans had expected.  Ortiz was in the process of rebuilding his career after quitting against Marcos Maidana while Berto was riding high as champion even though the quality of opposition he faced was often criticized. Both fighters had something to prove and once that opening bell rang it was non-stop fireworks.
A rematch was set to take place some time
after but after Berto had failed two drug tests the two fighters went separate ways (though the animosity between the two remained).
Since facing each other, Ortiz and Berto have shared a couple opponents and one of those opponents, Josesito Lopez will have his eye on the upcoming bout in hopes of facing either fighter.
“I think it’s a good fight. They are both exciting fighters,” Lopez stated to .  “I think us three, we can just fight each other for the rest of our careers and they’re going to be exciting fights. When you have two or three fighters that have what it takes for action fights. Winner or loser, it doesn’t matter. I would like to fight both of them before my career ends and before our career ends. I think it’s perfect for boxing.”
Predicting a winner for Ortiz – Berto 2 comes as a bit of a challenge for Lopez. With Ortiz not being as active as he should be but his ability to come back and Berto’s work ethic and explosiveness anyone can walk away the winner. Lopez, as well as all boxing fans out there, are in for a treat.
“It’s hard to predict a fight. They’re both good fighters. Ortiz hasn’t been in there lately too much that I can tell but who knows he might come back stronger and better. Berto is strong,  his work ethic is hard. Our fight was interesting.  I felt I was on top before the stoppage but I think it’s so exciting one. I’m excited to see it as a boxing fan.”