Mariana Juarez sets record straight on rumors of leaving boxing for politics


    By: Julio Garcia

    Within the last week, news broke out that  Mariana Juarez was getting involved in politics. She would step away from boxing for a bit but return sometime in 2021 for a rematch against Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila. Well, it appears that those reports that were put out were incorrect according to Juarez. 

    “I have not left boxing nor am I in politics,” stated Juarez via social media. “I am just being a sports advisor. They asked me if I could support my delegation and of course I will, but to get into politics, I respect their work but I’m not prepared for that because they do a participation into something sensationalist. That’s why we are how we are, it makes me sad that people go with it TUDN MEX, such poor/mediocre  reporters.”

    Juarez last fought on Halloween and since she is not stepping away from the sport should be gearing up for her rematch. The rematch is expected to take place within the first half of 2021.