Marvin Sonsona Wins Ugly Decision in Rematch with Vazquez Jr.


In the co-main even to the Cotto vs. Martinez pay-per-view broadcast, Marvin Sonsona (19-1-1, 15 knockouts) looks to erase the lone blemish on his record in a rematch with Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. Most of the promotion for the bout focused on the fact that Vazquez was the man responsible for delivering Sonsona’s only loss, and although dramatic, didn’t add anything to what was ultimately and ugly, ugly fight.

The bout started well enough as both men were tentative, but Sonsona was quick to land a body shot that dropped Vazquez. With Sonsona unable to capitalize, Vazquez managed to survive the round. Things didn’t get much better from there as neither man did much to establish themself as a clear winner or loser. The fight at time resembled a wrestling match with a lot of inside fighting, and countless headbutts.

In round 5, Sonsona was docked a point due to throwing blows behind Vazquez’ head. At this point, it was also becoming clear that Sonsona was growing tired or just too complacent. This allowed to Vazquez to storm back and at times appear to be the better fighter, but neither man was exactly blowing the crowd away.

As the fight progressed it seemed the crowd just got more quiet, and that was due to the countless fouls and lack of any finish that ultimately defined this fight.

The score card was finally read as (96-92), (96-92), and (92-96) in favor of Sonsona. Sonsona was able to finally avenge his loss, but by the end of that fight no on cared.