Pacquiao Outclasses Algieri in Impressive Fashion


    la-sp-sn-manny-pacquiao-vs-chris-algieri-live--002Manny Pacquiao’s  aura of invincibility and dominance in the sport of boxing  continues after his outstanding performance in Macau, China. Chris Algieri did provide Pacquiao with a bit of a puzzle to solve in the early rounds, but eventually Pacquiao made the necessary adjustments to completely outclass his opponent.

    From the opening bell Algieri remained tentative of avoiding any of Pacquiao’s power shots. He constantly used lateral movement, and Pacquiao had a difficult time cutting off the ring. Algieri was trying to get in a rhythm but accidentally slipped and the referee counted it as a knockdown. Algieri seemed flustered, but this was just the start of bad things to come.

    Algieri continued to remain defensive, but wasn’t putting much of an offensive game together. Pacquiao continued to throw combinations, and even though he wasn’t landing much of his own, he certainly was dictating the pace of the fight. Pacquiao at times would lunge in, but Algieri failed to capitalize on any mistakes, and Pacquiao threw without any real hesitation.

    Then in the 6th round Pacquiao began to get his timing down and scored two knockdowns to build up a monumental lead in the scorecards. The fight continued with the same pattern as Pacquiao continuously stalked Algerie without having much concern of returning fire.

    In the 9th round Pacquiao almost ended the fight by landing a hard counter left hand, and Algieri just managed to beat the 10 count and barely survive the round. In the championship rounds Algieri’s corner urged him to land power shots to possibly turn the fight around, but nothing changed. Pacquiao continued to dominate, and ended up with an extremely lopsided decision. The scorecards read 119-103, 119-103, and 120-102 all in favor for Pacquiao.

    The Filipino icon proves he is still a force in the sport of boxing, and now plans to move back down to the 140 pound division. Pacquiao may not have too many options at the junior welterweight division given the fact most of the fighters are signed with Al Haymon. It has been abundantly clear Top Rank and Al Haymon do not do business together, but anything can happen in 2015. Perhaps the political feuds are eventually resolved, which may lead to the fight boxing fans have been craving about for the past few years which is a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout. No one is sure who Pacquiao’s next opponent will be, but his performance in Macau, China will surely have fight fans wanting to see the great Manny Pacquiao back in the ring, sooner than later.