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Tuesday 22nd July 2014,
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Promoter: Ruslan Provodnikov Is An HBO Fighter

JulioGarcia Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Featured No Comments
Promoter: Ruslan Provodnikov Is An HBO Fighter

It wasn’t too long ago that Ruslan Provodnikov debuted on HBO when he took on Timothy Bradley and that performance made him a household name to boxing fans. Before then Ruslan appeared on ESPN several times and was classified as an ESPN level fighter, nothing more. All that has changed and Ruslan is a world champion and a main event fighter on a big network but it wasn’t easy and according to Artie Pelullo of Banner promotions it was HBO giving Ruslan a chance and Ruslan’s toughness that put him where he is today and that is what Chris Algeri whom also fought on ESPN and  will be facing Ruslan  will have the opportunity to do.

“I was just telling somebody 13 minutes ago that Ruslan was in the same position,” said Pelullo.  “When people would say who is he? He is an ESPN fighter how is he going to fight Tim Bradley?’ What made him a star is that HBO gave him an opportunity and Ruslan rose to the occasion. That’s the key. That’s the key with Chris Algeri. Ruslan Provodnikov rose to the occasion and gave Timothy Bradley life and death. I thought he won the fight. He became a star even in losing the fight. Then he goes to Alvarado’s hometown and makes him do something he has never done before, knocked him down twice and made him quit on the stool.”

Pelullo believes the fight will not be an easy one for Ruslan despite what critics are saying and that Algeri is a tough and dangerous opponent.

“Chris has never lost a fight. Doesn’t know what it tastes like to lose and he is a very tough guy. It is going to be more difficult than the critics are giving this kid the ability to win the fight. It is a very dangerous fight.”

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