Provodnikov-Algieri Fight Till the End in a Classic


In the main event, the Siberian Rocky, Ruslan Provodnikov (23-2 with 16 KOs) defended his junior welterweight belt against the undefeated Chris Algieri (19-0 with 8 KOs). In round 1, Provodnikov comes with his usual aggressive style and Algieri cannot hold him off, goes down early off a left hook. Then about a minute later Algieri goes down again for the 2nd time of round 1, this time off a left uppercut. This isn’t the start that Algieri’s camp anticipated. They thought Algieri would be able to use his jab enough to keep Provodnikov at bay. Algieri already has a black eye.

Algieri was much better in round 2, using his jab to slightly redden the noise of Provodnikov. He even caught him with a jab that snapped Provodnikov’s head back, but then Provodnikov came right back and delivered some more punishment. Algieri’s problem now is he doesn’t appear like he can hurt Provodnikov so when they both hit each other, Provodnikov’s blows deliver much more damage. By round 3, even though Ruslan’s face is red, Algieri now also has a bloody nose to go with his black eye.

As the start round 4, the doctor checks Algieri’s eye as it is almost closed. They continue and Algieri lands the jab on Provodnikov, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect and Ruslan continues to come forward. The 5th round was filled with back and forth until the final seconds with Ruslan caught him with a hard left hook that really seemed to rock Algieri as he went back to the corner. In round 6, Algieri shows off some of his high technical boxing ability, but he’s taking a lot of punishment in the process.

In round 7 for every 5 punches that Algieri hits Provodnikov, 1 of Provodnikov’s may be the equivalent. However, it does appear that Algieri finally won a round. Algieri continues his momentum and may have also won round 8. Most writers in press row have it 5-3 Provodnikov after 8. In round 9 Algieri starts using double and triple jab to keep Provodnikov off him. Algieri now landing more and is more active. Even though he may not be hurting Provodnikov too much, he is now winning rounds.

In round 10, Ruslan isn’t coming in as aggressive as he has been, the jabs seem to starting to have an effect on Ruslan and this fight can be scored anywhere from 7-3 to 5-5. As the 11th round starts, the crowd, who has been very pro-Algieri the entire fight, begins the chant USA. It ends as a pretty even round, just depending on what you prefer, the technical numerous punches by Algieri or the less volume, but much harder punches by Provodnikov.

As they start the 12th round to chants of Algieri, Provodnikov turns back up the aggression and seems to trying to finish strong as this fight seems to be close than most people thought it would have been. The whole fight Algieri took tons of punishment and still fought tough all the way till the end. When the decision was announced by Michael Buffer, it was a split decision. Ruslan Provodnikov 117-109, Chris Algieri 114-112, and then 114-112, to the NEW Junior Welterweight Champion, Chris Algieri. The crowd went completely nuts and it ends another great night of boxing in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.