Tarver Blasts Out Banks in the Seventh Round


    Antonio Tarver_3In the opening bell both Banks and Tarver were fighting from a distance searching for countering opportunities. Both landed good counter punches in the first round, but not much action was occurring. In the second round the same tenure occurred but this time Tarver was the only one landing the solid counters that visibly moved Banks.

    In the later stages of the fight not much action was occurring. Neither fighter was willing to take the necessary risks to clearly win rounds. Any time either fighter closed the distance a clinch would occur, or the attack would be limited to two punches at most. Both fighters were trying to capitalize on mistakes, but there weren’t any openings due to the unwillingness of either fighter to overcommit.

    In the 7th round Tarver decided to pick up the pace and began landing shots both to the body and the head. Banks had no answer and continued to shell up. Tarver continued his attack and landed a solid straight left that sent Banks to the canvas. Banks managed to beat the 10 count but immediately was swarmed by a Tarver fury, and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Tarver managed to score a 7th round TKO victory.

    In the post fight interview Tarver was adamant about facing Wladimiar Klitschko. He stated, “I’m a star. I’ve got the resume. I’ve got the credentials. I have the experience. Don’t nobody have the experience to go up against someone like Wladimir. He’s fighting tomato cans he’s not facing nobody.”

    It is unlikely Tarver will get a title shot against Klitschko in the near future, but he proved at the age of 46, he can still compete against some of today’s current heavyweights. Tarver hopes to continue his forward momentum and hopefully land a big fight in the near future.