Terrence Crawford & Team Benavidez get heated


    Terence Crawford is set to make his welterweight debut against Australia’s Jeff Horn on April 14th. Should he be victorious he will become the WBO welterweight champion. That would also further talks about him going up against the other top names in the division. Chances of him fighting those names maybe slim though since they are not with Top Rank but that does not mean that there are no good fights out there that can be made. In fact, there’s a bit of a grudge match that can be built between Crawford and Jose Benavidez Jr.

    On February 2nd there was a video posted to Facebook and what appears to be the weigh-ins for Benavidez return fight where he and Crawford are face to face taking shots at each other. Benavidez asked Crawford why Crawford was avoiding him and Crawford continuously told Benavidez to focus on his fight before he doesn’t make it to his fight on February 3rd. It even seemed as if Jose Benavidez Sr who also trains his son stepped to Crawford. You can clearly see the tension between the two sides in this attached Facebook video.

    Benavidez will be making his ring return after an almost seven-month layoff due to being shot in the leg. Should all go well for him in his return fight and Crawford be victorious in April then these two may face off against each other before the year comes to a close.