Jose Benavidez Jr. Says Crawford Rejected A Fight With Him Twice


    Often times in boxing fighters call each other out and nothing ever comers of it. It’s easier to make a fight when the two fighters are under the same promoter but then again complications can always arise no matter what the situation. There was a time when Jose Benavidez Jr and Terence Crawford were both hot names in the 140 pound division, hell they could have even done it at 135 pounds and with both fighters being promoted by Top Rank you would think that the fight would have been made and from what’s being said it was close to being made on more than one occasion.

    Benavidez has stated that he was offered a fight with Crawford on two separate occasions. He accepted the fight on both occasions without hesitation but Crawford was the one that turned the fight down.

    ” To all the Crawford nut swingers and dick riders [the] fight was offered to me 2 times. I said yes [but] your boy denied [me]. If I’m so easy then why not take the fight? All I hear is barking. Let’s make it happen. I’m not running or dodging. It’s okay if you’re scared little guy,” stated Benavidez via social media.

    The grudge between the two sides seems to be 100% legit but for anything to develop it’s all in the hands of the promoter, Bob Arum.