The 154 Pound Division “Weigh-In” On Canelo-Lopez


    “Upset king” Josesito Lopez will be facing Mexican star Saul Canelo Alvarez on September 15th. Now Josesito Lopez has a new task at hand, the task of being the first game opponent Alvarez has faced to date. This fight has lots of reason for fans to be upset and felicitous but there is good that comes from this.


    This will be one of the few times boxing gets it right! Yes, right as in correct! The correct thing to do was give the man that beat the man the shot; Ortiz lost in his fight with Lopez. Usually in boxing, the right thing isn’t done. Here is one of the few times the boxing gods imposed their will on the sport and gave the shot to Lopez, who deserves it fair and square.


    As in anything there’s always two sides to a story. The other side is of the story involves Josesito Lopez being put in a fight where he is expected to lose; a fight where he has to move up not one, but two weight classes to face the bigger more popular fighter on his terms. It’s another fight where Lopez has to go in from the blue corner as the underdog.


    One thing that Lopez has in his favor is that he has nothing to lose, much like in his fight with Ortiz. Should he lose to the bigger Canelo who is really going to dog him for it? Should he win, Riverside might name the 15th after him and throw him a parade.

    The last thing that needs to be said is after his win over Victor Ortiz, Lopez signed to be advised by the all powerful Al Haymon, and now this happens!? For those that haven’t witnessed the power of Mr. Haymon, low and behold.

    I decided to contact the guys that were in the running for the Canelo Sweepstakes and get their take on it.


    “King” Gabe Rosado

    I was surprised to hear Josesito Lopez got the fight, especially coming from the 140 lbs division. He didn’t even come in at 147 for the fight vs. Victor Ortiz, he came in like 144. But I understand why I didn’t get the fight .I’m a threat! Plus they [Golden Boy] were looking for a name. I’m a name but Lopez beating Ortiz (Ortiz retired on stool due to broken jaw) in that fashion has a bigger one right now. “It sucks because he [Saul “Canelo” Alvarez] is a champion and the biggest name besides Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. He should be fighting better names, bigger names.”


    We continued to speak and I asked what was next for him. Rosado added, “I’ve been calling [Erislandy Lara] out. His fight with Vanes Martirosyan, I hear it’s going to a purse bid but that’s not going to happen. We should fight; we should be the co-main event. I think we can steal the night with our fight! We are pushing for that fight.”


    I was curious to know what was it that he saw in Lara’s fight game that he could expose since Lara is “the most feared” at 154 lbs division. Rosado added, “I saw a lot of things in his fights I can take advantage of. He’s a good fighter from the outside but not on the inside, that’s why he held so much versus Freddie Hernandez. I’m bigger and it would be the perfect set up. The winner can fight the winner of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez.”



    Vanes Martirosyan on the purse bid and Lopez getting the fight:

    “I expect Top Rank to win the purse bid. I think Top Rank may reschedule for the 20th. Either way I want the fight. My manger knows, he told Top Rank.”


    “Look I don’t want to bad mouth Canelo but it speaks for itself what [Golden Boy] they’re doing and people are not blind, they can see. Sooner or later, people are going to realize who Canelo really is, it doesn’t matter who talks or who hypes him up at the end of the day, it’s who you’re fighting. Nothing bad against Josesito, I love the guy we fought in the amateur’s together. He’s a good fighter but they’re forcing somebody who’s a 140 pounder to fight a 154 pounder just because he had a good fight. I mean that’s funny. ”


    Vanes Martirosyan on whether boxing got it right?

    “I think it’s a great thing that they’re doing that, but at the same time if they’re going to do that then why didn’t they give me the fight with Canelo when I won my eliminators with Saul Roman, and a couple of other eliminators. They didn’t do that!”


    “As far as Lopez getting the fight, it’s good for Josesito but I don’t know how good it’s going to make Canelo look because he’s really fighting a smaller fighter. It’s a win win for Josesito; if he loses he can always say I was a 140 pounder but if he wins then he’s made history. It’s good for Josesito but I don’t think it’s good for Canelo because he’s making himself look bad. I give Josesito a shot because he comes to fight and he’s a good fighter. He puts his heart on the line, he gives everything he has, and think it’s a good fight. I give him a shot. I think anyone that puts on the gloves and steps into the ring has a shot. All it takes is one punch to change a fight but I don’t know if he had the power to do it. I thought Canelo was stronger than Ortiz and I thought Ortiz was stronger than Josesito and Josesito broke his jaw. We’re going to see how it goes but I think that Canelo is going to overpower him.”


    Cornelius “K9” Bundrage:

    I’m happy for Josesito Lopez but it’s also a smart move by Golden Boy because they knew I was going to take that belt.”


    Austin “No Doubt” Trout on whether or not his performance against Rodriguez Cost Him the Shot:

    “Well obviously not, the fight was a drag, understand that. I did what I had to do to win on an off night and I did it pretty decisively. I guess you don’t want to be seen in a stinker like that, but I got the win and I’ll do whatever I have to do to get the win no matter how good or bad it’s going to look. The fact that it wasn’t a great showing I figured that would be the reason why I would get the Canelo fight. If I looked spectacular I don’t think my name would even be in the running’s anymore. “

    Austin Trout on Josesito Lopez Getting the Shot:

    The first thing I said was he’s [Josesito Lopez] a junior welterweight. How he going to get a fight for a 154 pound title! He has a belt at welterweight? But you know that was my first reaction and I don’t want to take nothing from Lopez. Tell you the truth in all honesty Victor Ortiz was supposed to get that fight, he was already locked in and signed to get that fight. Then Lopez knocked him out or broke his jaw. So in a sense it does make sense in a way as you can see but it’s still a 140 pounder getting a shot at the 154 pound champ, that’s just awful.


    Trout on whether boxing got it right:

    “I wouldn’t say boxing got it right because the different factors that play in are weird, but yeah you know good for Lopez. He went in, he got a opportunity and he took full advantage instead of shutting him down and they gave him another opportunity, I’m stop hating because I didn’t get that shot and just congratulate the man.”


    I myself am backing this fight. Lopez was also a replacement opponent against Ortiz after world champion Andre Berto tested positive for a steroid. Lopez was losing on all three scorecards after nine rounds in their June 23 fight at Staples Center, but he put up a spirited effort and broke Ortiz’s jaw in the ninth. Ortiz did not to answer the bell for the 10th round.


    Lopez earned a reported 93,000 for Ortiz fight. For the Canelo fight he will make close to a 7 figure payday, a payday he deserves after fighting on ESPN numerous times. This is a fight where Lopez can secure his family’s future and it’s a win win situation, because he’s expected to lose but what if this is the Cinderella story coming to life and Lopez can make lighting strike twice in one year? For sure he would get fighter of the year as he’s already made a case for that with his upset of Ortiz stopping or beating Canelo Alvarez will make him a super star over night.