Tim Bradley: ‘The Only One Left for Mayweather Is Me’


bradley_LA_31Now that Tim Bradley has victories over two future Hall of Fame fighters in Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, the door has opened up even wider now for him to continue to be in more lucrative fights in the near future, and he is willing to take on all comers. “I would do anything if it makes business wise sense. I’m at a different stature now. I’m the number three fighter in the world now pound for pound. I paid my dues and it’s definitely time to be taken care of. I’m willing to do anything if the price is right,” he claimed.

One lucrative match-up that seems to make perfect sense would be a rematch with Manny Pacquiao if he were able to get past the young tough Brandon Rios. Pacquiao’s promoter, Top Rank CEO, Bob Arum has said that Pacquiao will no longer fight in the United States because of tax reasons. When asked if he would consider going overseas to fight Pacquaio Bradley responded, “If I’m definitely going to go over to Asia, it definitely better be right. I’m contracted to make a certain amount of money in the rematch and until we start at that number then I don’t think a Pacquiao fight will ever happen again.”

Another name that has been mentioned as a possible opponent for Bradley is pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather but many doubt whether or not that fight can be made because of the rift between Bradley’s promoter Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions, who Mayweather does business with. It would seem that Bradley would have to leave Top Rank for the fight to ever happen. “Right now my contract is not up until next December. I got another year with Top Rank before I’m able to even move and being the man that I am, I’ll definitely fulfill my contract and do whatever I need to do to definitely move on,” Bradley explained.

But, even with the situation between the two rivaling promoters, Bradley still feels the fight could get made. “I think that a fight with Mayweather is possible even with the promoters. I think that Mayweather is definitely running out of top guys to face. He has Danny Garcia he can probably face. I’m hearing Amir Khan. Then what’s after that? Who they going to go with? I have no idea. The only one that’s left and that really makes real sense is me.”

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  1. Of course Mayweather will pick to fight Bradley next. That’s after Pacquiao lost to Bradley in the worst decision ever in boxing!

  2. To Mr. Bob Arum,

    Please let Bradley fight Mayweather Jr. next. Make sure that’s in the contract that Mayweather Jr. is fighting Manny Pacquiao NEXT. No more EXCUSES, Chicken FLOYD!!

    Pinoy Nation

  3. And who would like to see that boring fight between Floyd and Bradly? It’s a garbage fight of the century if ever happened. Floyd the self proclaimed fighter that ever lived who ducking Pacman ever….. Bradly the faked WBO welterweight chicken who rewarded a decision during the Pac fight?

  4. Oh great, two dancers inside a boxing ring, maybe I’ll just watch Tom and Jerry, there is more action watching this cartoon show

  5. Bradley won against Pacquiao and Provodnikov coz you are an american and the venue of course is in America…and the judges and committee is also american…if you will fight Mayweather…Money Mayweather will win if it is a close fight..coz Mayweather fools every one for cherry picking his opponent and give a lot of money in America.

  6. I think fighting bradley is like fighting a 4 person, Bradley and the three judges. But be carefull what you wish for lucky bradley! Floyd is going to whip your ass out! The judges can’t save you when floyd punish you!

  7. well the provodnikov fight and pacquaio
    fight he lost
    but he redeemed himself againg marquez

    bradly mayweather wouldnt be a fight
    it would be a dance

    two guys dancing for 12 rounds

  8. Again you people don’t understand. So once again you must be told. Floyd will never, ever, ever, ever fight Manny or Tim or any other Top Rank fighter because they are with Top Rank. Period. Arum always wants to be involved in the negotiations and promotion of the event. Not to mention, Arum always wants future co-promotional rights in the event his fighter loses. That is a trick he learned from Don King. Floyd will have none of that. Floyd hires the promoter (in this case, Golden Boy) to promote the event. Get it? The promoter promotes, that is it. Lest everyone forget the $40 million Floyd offered Manny to fight him when his contract was ending with Top Rank. And what does Manny do? He tells Arum, Arum puts the brakes on the whole thing, and Manny resigns with Arum until Dec 2014. And for people who says Manny should earn an even split with Floyd. Manny has never earned more than $30 million for a fight. Ever! Floyd has not made no less than that amount since he fought Ricky Hatton in 2007. So people just stopit with the Floyd needs to fight Manny bs. It won’t happen until Manny takes a stand for himself like Oscar and Floyd. One more thing – when Cotto was a free agent, how easy did the fight was made with Floyd? And Cotto’s purse was by far his largest ($15 million). He hasn’t sniffed that kind of money before or since.