Viktor Postol Impresses with Knockout of Aydin


In the May 17th edition of HBO Boxing, a junior welterweight contest was tabbed as the opening bout. It featured undefeated prospect Viktor Postol (26-0, 11 knockouts) versus Selcuk Aydin (26-3, 19 knockouts), this bout would determine whether Postol had the skills necessary to truly excel in the sport. In short, Postol certainly made an impression, but only after surviving a brief scare.

From the opening bell it was clear that this contest pitted the classic styles match-up of brawler, in Aydin, versus Postol the boxer. Aydin wasted no time in coming forward and chopping shots at the body of Postol. Rather than be goaded into a brawl, Postol kept Aydin at a distance with a snapping jab and a body attack of his own.

Suddenly, Aydin uncorks a winging left hook that connects and manages to briefly stagger Postol. Smelling blood, Aydin pounced on Postol, but Postol kept his composure and survived the round.

From this point forward, Aydin focused far too heavily on landing a booming left hook that would never come. This allowed Postol to rely on sound boxing technique and movement to build an early and dominant points lead over Aydin.

Round-after-round, Aydin would find himself getting tagged with fluid combinations from Postol. It wasn’t until his corner threatened to stop the fight that Aydin managed to be active again. Unfortunately, it did little to erase Postol’s progress, and the over-aggression ended up costing Aydin a point for rabbit punches.

The end ultimately came in round 11 following the point deduction of Aydin. As the timer continued counting down towards the end of the round, Postol unloaded a brutal combination with a right hook, left hook, and uppercut that sent Aydin crashing to the campus. This led the referee to call the fight off on the spot, and Postol was awarded the (T)KO victory.

It’s still early to guess where Postol goes from here, but it’s clear that the only direction is up.