2018 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Mini Review


The TBV crew started off the New year by hosting TBV Border Wars 2 in L.A. California. TBV Border Wars is a boxing event that was first held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the summer of 2017 where 10 novice fighters from across North America trained for months, united, and fought for the chance to feel the glory of victory. This January we grew to have 22 novice fighters compete and we look forward to the continuing growth of the future Border Wars. This time around we had people flying in from Australia, Canada, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, and various parts of California.  On Monday, January 15th, I landed in LAX with my lady and Alex, TBV’s host of TBV En Español, to be nicely surprised by our sponsored ride the 2018 Toyota Sequoia. This dark grey truck was massive in size and perfect to accommodate our needs for Border Wars 2.

We first landed with only 3 people and lots of bags including videography equipment since we had plans to stay for an entire week. There were double captain seats (driver, passenger, and second row with 2 seats) and a third row that sits 3 additional people fitting a total of 7 passengers to capacity. With the 3rd row folded in for extra trunk space, we were able to fit 4 full-size pieces of luggage and 3 carry-on bags with space still available in the trunk. The truck had a beautiful peanut butter interior with wood grain accents. We were grateful for the front and rear heated seats for the chilly nights out in California.  Staying in Orange County,  we rented an Airbnb that 9 people shared. Needless to say, the truck was always filled to the maximum capacity of 7 people riding in comfort. We had enough USB ports and charging ports to share and soaked in the California sun with the sunroof.

Although this car was enormous in size, the truck has a modest design. There is nothing that screams sexy nor sleek. In addition, it did not have keyless entry. This was annoying for those who are spoiled like me with the ease of keyless entry. If you are looking for a simple looking truck to transport a number of people in comfort, then this is the truck for you!