Nonito Donaire Sr. Opens “Doniare Sr. Boxing & Fitness” in Oakland


    On 1920 Park Boulevard, located between E 19th and E 20th in Oakland, CA sits a new institution in the boxing community as well as for the Filipino community as legendary boxing trainer Nonito Donaire Sr. opened his doors to his brand new gym for the first day on February 1st, 2014. Donaire Sr., who has been working out of The Kennel Boxing Gym in San Leandro, CA, will now shift over to running his gym and thrilled at the chance.


    “My father taught me everything I know, and he has one thing that is important” as the four division  world champion and 2012 Boxing Writers of America Association “Boxer of the Year” Nonito Donaire Jr. pointed to his brain while speaking about his father. For Donaire, who shared a very somber and heartwarming moment with his father as he embraced him upon his arrival things had not allows been so easy between the two


    The father and son duo had not always seen eye to eye and it was not until September of this past year that the two communicated since Donaire Jr. split from training with Donaire Sr. in 2009, which mostly played out in front of the media


    As Donaire Sr. stood in the ring to a packed house, he began to speak, but the words became drawn by those in attendance who were enjoying the large helpings of food being offered and the various entertainment scattered around the gym. When the room was silenced, a sincere Nonito Donaire Sr. just simply said “Thank you for coming.” Donaire Sr. simply looked to the right of himself and stated “I think you want to hear what this guy has to say?” as the microphone was passed to Nonito Donaire Jr. who was playfully shadowboxing with Donaire Sr.’s back as he spoke.


    Donaire spoke briefly and graciously and then asked any child to please come in the ring. Donaire spent the next ten minutes teaching young children how to jab in the ring as he joked with one student who was emulating a karate stance “That is Bruce Lee stuff, this is boxing!” as he corrected the stance. The love for teaching that Donaire Sr. has seems to have carried over to Donaire Jr. as Donaire Jr. took pride in teaching the most important move in all of boxing the jab to roughly ten children in the ring.


    “Boxing is a great way to learn discipline, even if you are not a fighter – it will teach you how to work hard.” Donaire stated with brutally honesty. Donaire is not confirmed for any fight booking, but many observers have speculated that Donaire will face Nicholas Waters, though those same observers felt that he fight would happen on the Chavez-Vera II co-feature which happens next month and Donaire has not been announced on that card. Looking for the best superclone audemars piguet replica watches? Audemars Piguet Island provides highest quality watches with worldwide shipping. A wide variety of Royal Oak and Royal Oak offshore models! Tourbillon, Skeleton, Chronograph, you name it, they have it! The most interesting and entertaining match to be made seems to be Evgeny “The Mexican Russian” Gradovich, who shares the same trainer Robert Garcia, but Garcia has said he has told Gradovich he would train Donaire over Gradovich if the fight were to happen.


    We also have to wonder about his biggest rival as well as in Guillermo Rigondeaux, who outclassed Donaire last spring and seemingly started a rifted between the Cuban fighter and network, HBO. Donaire who is the definition of class to the media, fans and general public as a whole faces a 2014 where legacy will be defined based upon what happens.


    To visit Doniare Sr. Boxing & Fitness go to 1920 Park Blvd, Oakland CA 94606 with the easiest way to their would be using 580 and taking Park Blvd straight to the gym.