Hunter Destroys Escalante in Round 1


Eric Hunter Eric Hunter absolutely outclassed Antonio Escalante on Fox Sports 1 tonight during a Golden Boy Live show in front of fans at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California. It was a scheduled 10 rounder, but Hunter didn’t need the other 9. A member of the 2004 Olympic team as an alternate, Hunter came into the fight riding a three-fight win streak.

Hunter made a real statement tonight, and he did it in the first round against a fighter that seemed tailored for Hunter’s style. Hunter was relatively methodical and took his time early in the round. He let a few choice punches go and they seemed well received.

Escalante had nothing to deal with Hunter’s overall capabilities, other than the jab he abandoned after throwing it a handful of times. The writing wasn’t necessarily on the wall, but it was clear Hunter had his opponent outmatched.

Escalante had fallen for a few faints leading up to a long and powerful left-hand lead thrown and landed by Hunter, which sent Escalante to the floor. Escalante made it to his feet and the referee, Ray Corona, would give him one last chance to show something.

Moments later, Hunter followed up with a body shot and a couple more upstairs. Hunter landed a couple hooks, but it was a left hook to the body that landed and allowed for the right-hand opening that sent Escalante to the floor for the second time. Escalante got up for the second time.

Hunter didn’t just smell the blood, he was up to his neck in it and let his hands go in a heated flurry, which prompted the ref to wisely call a halt to the bout.

It was the leaping lead left that landed squarely on the chin of Escalante that did the job, everything from that point was just a formality, albeit an impressive formality.

Hunter is now 20-3 with 10KOs and looking to move up the ladder.