50-Cent Betting 1.6M on Mayweather


1104-50-cent-money-launch-v2-credit50-Cent and fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo were guests on Power 105.1’s morning show “The Breakfast Club” this morning and 50 spoke briefly about the upcoming mega fight between his former best friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his archrival Manny Pacquiao.

TMZ Sports first reported 50-Cent’s claim that he will bet $1.6M on Mayweather to beat Pacquiao, this according to his statements on “The Breakfast Club” morning show, hosted by Charlamagne tha God.

“Champ ‘gon smoke em … it’s gonna look like [the fight] was pumped up for no reason,” 50-Cent said on the show.

50 said that he ran into Floyd at the Chris Brown concert last month, and while he didn’t technically make reconciliation claims, the rapper did mention that their meeting was cordial, and he could tell that Floyd was “focused” on Pacquiao.

This wouldn’t be the first time 50-Cent has placed a bet on Mayweather, and he has reportedly made up to 1Million dollars in past wagers. Still, it is interesting that 50 is willing to make his Mayweather pick publically known because of the tumultuous past between the rapper and boxer.

However, 50-Cent is clearly not going to let past indiscretions get in the way of his better judgment and if he believes Mayweather will win then he is going with whatever pick will get him paid.