50 Cent Pushes Himself Deeper Into The Boxing World Acquiring The Rights To “Tapia” Film


    Since Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson first announced the he and Floyd Mayweather would start a promotional partnership the boxing world went abuzz. After a falling out with Mayweather, 50 Cent has since went his own way creating SMS Promotions in what many fans would describe as a failure or a work in progress. Despite the scrutiny that 50 Cent constantly faces that does not mean that he has given up on the boxing world.

    50 Cent has recently acquired the rights to a film called “Tapia,” a documentary that will showcase the life of the late Johnny “Mi Vida Loca” Tapia who passed away last year. Among the features in the film there will be the final interviews that Tapia gave before his passing. Tapia’s widow describes the film as having a tremendous amount of emotion.

    “Tapia” will be featured at the Los Angeles film festival this Saturday. The film’s director, Eddie Alcazar believes the addition of 50 Cent will help the film reach a broader audience to showcase the person that Tapia was. 50 Cent has no change in mind for the film and plans on keeping it in its original form.