Abner Mares Sees Loss As Motivation To Better Himself And Keep Moving Forward


    In the fight game you come across many different types of fighters. Some fight for just for money, some for the glory and some just for the love of the sport. Winning means everything and when you lose, how you handle that loss will define your character and quite possible your whole career.

    Abner Mares suffered the first loss of his career last year when he stepped into the ring with Jhonny Gonzalez in what was supposed to be a showcase fight for Mares who would go on to lose via first round KO.

    Mares could have given up after the loss and called it a career but his will cannot be broken so easily and instead of moping about he uses the loss as motivation and as a lesson and is working hard to win a fourth world title.

    “My whole life I’ve been an underdog,” said Mares via social media. “That’s what pushed me to become a three time and soon to be four time champ! Who says you can’t fall down and get back up?”