Adrien Broner Issues Apology, Says Mexican Fans Keep Boxing Alive And Well


    Adrien Broner has received some pretty harsh backlash from the media with his post fight comments less than two weeks ago. Did he have it coming to him? Of course he did. Growing up when myself or my friends did something stupid everyone gave us shit even people that weren’t associated with us. It comes with the territory.

    What Broner said was stupid but I don’t believe that he intended for it to be the way most people took it.

    Broner has finally spoken about the subject with an online post and has issued an apology and wants boxing fans he did not mean for his comments to sound racist and that he is the furthest thing from that and Mexican fans keep boxing alive and well.

    “Lately I’ve been portrayed in the news/media as racist for the comment I made after my fight. I am the furthest thing from that,” said Broner. “I love all my supporters and all people for that matter! And the last time I checked ‘Mexican’ isn’t a race, it’s a nationalality. If I said ‘Canadian’ would there of been this much of an uproar? My team is built of all races and nationalities, and I respect and appreciate them all. I sincerely apologize if my comment offended anyone but it did not come from a place of hate. The Mexican fans are the people that keep boxing alive and well. Without them there would be no AB.”