Adrien Broner Says He Will Go For The Knockout Against Maidana, Not Thinking Of A Danny Garcia Fight Right Now


    On December 14th Adrien Broner will step into the ring with possibly the hardest puncher he has yet to face in his career and definitely a harder hitter than his last opponent, Paulie Malignaggi. Broner will go in against Marcos Maidana of Argentina who hits like a brick and is willing to go to hell and back for the victory but Maidana’s power does not seem to bother Broner at the current time but that may change once they step in the ring.

    ” We are not concerned about nothing,” said Broner. “We know he can hit, he can fight. He is going to come to fight and whatever he brings to the table I will be ready for it.”

    In Broner’s last fight he failed to impress with many in the boxing world. Yes, he got the victory but it was not a beat down like many had expected so what does he intend to do this time around to try and build up his fan base even more?

    “I am going to put on a great show and you will see a different Adrien Broner. Something you have never seen before. There are going to be a lot of Spanish and Latino fans in the building and I’m going to give them what they are looking for. I gotta give them the knockout they’re looking for.”

    Broner will have lots of posibilities after the Maidana fight but a fight that many people want to see is one between Broner and junior welterweight kingpin Danny Garcia. When asked about the possible fight Broner did not want to think about the fight and made it clear that his focus is on Maidana.

    “This is boxing. You have to take it a fight at a time. So we are worried about Maidana right now. Whatever happens, happens after that but right now we’re worrying about Maidana.”

    Adrien Broner’s name is often in the media but due to a recent release of a sex tape involving the boxing star, he is being talked about more than ever. Broner is adamant that he did not leak the tape himself and the focus should be back to boxing and not the tape.

    “I didn’t leak it and I want to apologize but we are back to boxing.”