Adrien Broner “The Problem” Or Antonio DeMarco “The Problem Solver?”

    Lightweight Supremacy as Broner Takes on Demarco

    Adrien “The Problem” Broner will collide with his toughest opponent to date, WBC Lightweight World Champion Antonio DeMarco. He is the most active, highest output punching foe Broner will have confronted in his career. The fans, boxing public, and the media wanted to see Broner in against a real test, to evaluate and truly assess if “The Problem” was really a problem for his competition, or just a Problem with the level of opposition. “I’m not coming just to win this fight, I’m coming to knock DeMarco out,” said Broner.

    That’s a task not many have been successful in completing. DeMarco has two losses on his record but was only stopped once. That stoppage was at the hands of the late Edwin Valero. Valero was and will always be compared to or placed in fantasy match ups with Manny Pacquiao. Broner is no Valero, his style is similar to that of pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr, with his shoulder roll defense and precision like punches, brass fullness, slick talking, rapper like punch lines. “The Problem” has become boxing’s most electrifying young star. “This fight is speed vs. power and it’s going to be just another day in the ring for me,” expressed Broner.

    After struggling and failing to make weight in his last fight against Vicente Escobedo, Adrien “The Problem” Broner will be making his debut at 135lb division, something he must be commended for, moving up to a new division to face one of the top guys, is something we could only ask and hope all our fighters are willing to do. Going up in weight is going to be different and I know he can hit, but you can’t hit what you can’t see and I’m too fast and furious for him.  Power is nothing if you can’t connect; it’s like moving a sack of rocks,” explained Broner.

    Make no mistake Antonio DeMarco is in no way the shorter, less skilled, inexperienced fighters that Broner has been spoon fed by the likes of his promoters and the powers that be over at HBO. He will without a doubt be in a war. Anytime you face a Mexican warrior like DeMarco, you can expect him to throw punches until his dying breath. “I was born [to fight]; I’m in boxing to become a world champion. I want to be remembered in boxing history. With those illusions I’m here now, first it was my dream to be champion of the world, now I am, and now my dream is to unify and be remembered in the future, ” DeMarco told

    Properly titled “LIGHTWEIGHT SUPREMACY”, a win in this bout will give DeMarco the notoriety he needs to cement his name and boxing legacy with the Chavez Sr’s.,Eric Morales’, and the Juan Manuel Marquez’ of the boxing world, but more importantly for him in his home country of Mexico. “This is another tough fight that has been presented to me and I’m going to do everything to keep my WBC title,” said DeMarco.

    Fight fans from coast-to-coast should forever remember November 17th because the writing is on the wall and it spells blood. This will not be a chess match nor will it be a snooze feast, with Broner’s skills and power and DeMarco’s heart, will, determination, and power. There’s no way questions will not be answered. DeMarco seems poised to answer and solve ‘The Problem’ . “Broner talks a big game but he’s never been in the ring with a hungry Mexican fighter like me.  I wanted this fight from the moment it was offered to me because I know I’ll be the first person to beat Broner and put him in his place.  When I put my hands on him, he’ll regret his decision to move up to my division,” DeMarco expressed.