Al Bernstein’s Talks Canelo-Lara and Canelo Living Up To Expectations


Canelo-Lara is a mere day away and still some haven’t decided on whom to pick. In quite possibly the realest 50-50 fight on the pay-per-view schedule to date, ThaBoxingVoice spoke with the man who will call the action this Saturday night, Showtime’s Own Al Berstien.

Breaking Down Canelo-Lara:

“I think it’s a very interesting, pick em’ fight. It’s funny on most of the fan polls, they are very close. It shapes up like a boxer vs. puncher but not really because Lara is a better puncher than people give him credit for and Canelo has faster hands and good technique that people overlook. I think the fight doesn’t shape up as simply as people would put it. A lot of it depends on whether Canelo can cut the ring off against Lara like Angulo did and pin him on the ropes and land body shots and head shots. But that’s not Canelo stock and trade so he’s got to change his temperament if he’s going to do that.”

Common Opponents Between the Two:

“The irony is that it says everything and it says nothing. The irony is that Angulo fought very well against Lara even though losing but was dominated by Canelo. Austin Trout was dominated by Lara but fought very well against Canelo. It reminds again It ends up being styles make fight and that’s the case here. If you look at Austin Trout being similar to Lara but not quite the fighter Lara is. Canelo chose to fight the way he did in that fight. Does that mean Canelo has trouble with boxers? We’ll see Saturday.”

Canelo’s willingness to fight the best (Trout, Angulo, Mayweather, Lara)

“Remember he was going to fight Paul Williams before Paul Williams tragic accident, another guy people avoided. Coming up it was soft touches but when he got to boxing’s center stage, he’s been willing to fight everyone and that speaks volume to him as a warrior.”

Canelo Following in De La Hoya’s Footsteps:

“Oscar fought a very tough schedule. Everyone that was available to him in his era he fought and some fought twice and Canelo is fitting the mold.”

On Canelo Living Up To The Hype:

“He’s only lost one fight and that was to Floyd Mayweather. I think strategically he fought the wrong fight. I think he lost that fight on the drawing board because the clearly decided they were going to out box the boxer, which is absurd when you’re the biggest strongest guy he’s fought, you want to use those advantages.”