Alvarado Keen on Rios Trilogy, Says Will Fight a Smarter Fight in The Rematch


    Mike Alvarado takes on Brandon Rios for a second time from their fight of the year candidate in 2012. The rematch will take place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. spoke with Alvarado regarding his rematch with Rios, employing a different strategy, and on a possible trilogy with Brandon Rios.

    On his game plan for Rios in their upcoming rematch:

    “I got a very good game plan this time around. He’s going to have to find me this time around. I’m a more skilled fighter and I fought his type of fight last time. This time he’s going to have to find me. He better be on his game this time around. We both fought and showed we were warriors. This time around it’s going to be more of a strategic fight. I proved my chin and heart and now it’s time to show the way I want to fight in the style I choose to fight, not just because the fans want to see a certain fight. I’ll fight my fight regardless of what you think.”

    On not getting involved in a fire fight:

    “I have to put my pride aside and stay focused on the game plan and not let my heart take over. I can’t get mad and keeping to that focus and that game plan. I don’t feel the pressure of making it a war from fans and media alike. I just have to keep my focus and not let that get in my head.”

    On Rios taking him off his game plan:

    “He can throw you off the game plan if you’re not prepared for it. You’re going to get into that same type of fight. You’re not used to being in that situation and not adjusting it’d be hard. It all comes from that preparation before that fight begins.”

    If clinching more would be part of his game plan:

    “It’d be a very good part of the game plan that we’re trying to employ, whatever we have to do to win the fight.”

    On The scars seen on his face on Road to Rios-Alvarado 2:

    “I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, little incident. There’s nothing wrong with me. Just marks that I had, there’s nothing to it.”

    On if the second fight will live up to their first:

    “It can and it sure will. I’ve been in there already and know I’m a better fighter and better technician and adjust quicker. Brandon can’t fight another way, he likes to get hit he says that. He’s never fought another way. He’s going to come and bring it. That’s the game plan and that’s the way it is. He can’t step around and box, not quick enough and doesn’t have the technique of a boxer.”

    If he’s satisfied with winning a decision or if he wants to stop Rios:

    “Brandon will try and turn it into a war. I’m always ready for a war as well. But I’m smarter than that as well. I’m so mentally focused and sticking to this game plan so either or is fine with me.

    On a trilogy with Rios:

    “I’m sure it would be next, it was fair enough to give me a rematch and it would be fair enough to give him a rematch, I’m sure the fans would love it regardless. I’d be good with the trilogy. I haven’t heard anything else. I just want big fights. I just want world championships; I would give him an immediate rematch.”

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