Andre Ward’s Possible Future Fights That Be Made with Roc Nation Sports at the Helm


    Andre-Ward-Contract-2016Whether you like, or choose not to like, Andre Ward, his signing with Roc Nation was something that is good for the sport of boxing. Even though Ward hasn’t been known as a big draw in the sport, he has been recognized as one of the top boxers in the world. He now teams up with hip hop, fashion, and more recently, sports agent mogul Jay Z, to finally separate him from what has been a long dragged out legal battle with his former promotional company led by the recently deceased Dan Goossen. Although he might not get right back into the ring fighting monster fights, let’s look at some of the possible fights now that Ward seems to be back on the active boxing roster.

    Andre Ward vs. Bernard Hopkins

    This fight still doesn’t look likely because the last time we really saw these two within yelling range of each other, Hopkins said he wasn’t looking to fight Ward. However, I think it goes without saying that money talks, so this can’t be completely buried.

    Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (In UK)

    There is a large group of fans that actually don’t want to see this fight. However, I’m a proponent of it, as long as it is in Froch’s backyard. I don’t judge if there should be a rematch based on the first fight because good fighters make adjustments. I want to see Ward go in front of what would be a raucous crowd against Froch, who is a different fighter when in front of his fellow countrymen.

    Andre Ward vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

    It has been said that the original reason Ward wanted out of his contract was because he wanted to sign with Top Rank and get a fight against Chavez Jr on PPV. Whether it was the case or not, Ward signing with Roc Nation at least opens of the possibility of this down the road.

    Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev

    Now we are talking. A couple months ago Kovalev defeated legend Bernard Hopkins, and did it pretty handedly. Because of that he is known by most as the best light heavyweight fighter in the world. There isn’t a huge amount of fights for Ward at 168, so moving up or even a catchweight could be the answer to getting bigger fights.

    Andre Ward vs. Gennady Golovkin

    You had to know this article wasn’t going to be written without this fight included. This fight is currently twitter’s Holy Grail. Floyd-Pac is ignored by some, Canelo-Cotto would obviously make more money, but in terms a lot of true, hardcore, boxing fans, this is the fight that would create the most buzz. I still feel money is preventing it, since it currently isn’t a PPV fight yet, but I do think that Jay Z may be crazy enough to try to push it through. However, I think this is more of a 2016 fight than 2015, but just having it as a slight possibility is something every boxing fan should be happy about. A fight, let’s say March of 2016, in California at either Stub Hub Center or The Forum seems like a good place for it.

    Roc Nation seems to be trying to take the boxing world by storm by first acquiring Gary Shaw’s promotional company, then signing Ward, with rumors that Guillermo Rigondeaux may be next. Who knows how big this can get. As I said earlier, Andre Ward, as talented as he may be, most likely isn’t going to immediately step into the ring against any of the five mentioned above, but the possibility for all five exist and isn’t that alone something that all boxing fans can celebrate? With 2014 in the rear-view mirror, 2015 seems to be coming out with a bang, who knows if it will be as good as 2013, but one things for sure, it definitely has gotten off on the right foot.