Boxcino Stanyslav Skorokhod–Michael Moore Results


606e9a3c-0f30-4dbb-8517-2be2cf424762 Skorohod def Moore TKO4 (Junior Middleweight Boxcino Tournament):

With the start of ESPN’s 2015 junior middleweight Boxcino tournament underway, the honors of starting off the tourney went to Stanyslav Skorohod and Michael Moore. All quarter-final fights are scheduled for 6 rounds.
The southpaw Moore flashed some hand speed early in the first roun and Skorohod, who was fighting just his second fight in the US, finished the round strong. It was competitive, but it was clear at the end that Skorohod was getting the better shots in.
Skorohod continued to find a home for his left hook, even though it is typically the right hand that is successful against southpaws.
In the 3rd round, after getting hit with several left hands in the previous round, Moore was sent to the canvas with a right hand. The shot clearly affected Moore, but he survived the round even though Skorohod gave him all he could handle.
The 4th round would prove to be the final as Moore was on wobbly legs and his balance was coming into question. Skorohod sent Moore to the canvas again in the 4th, and again with a right hand. Although Moore was able to make it off the canvas, the referee would stop the fight moments later to save Moore from any more damage.
Skorohod definitely made a statement for himself in the tournament.