Brandon Rios-Victor Ortiz Will it Ever Happen




For years, the bad blood and tension between Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz has been brewing. Which left fans wanting to see the grudge match happen, but boxing’s cold war prevented that which eventually calmed down fans anticipation for the showdown. Now with the cold war beginning to thaw over there is a possibility. Brandon Rios stated that he would like a fight with Ortiz during his post-fight interview after his victory over Mike Alvarado last night.

Victor Ortiz was obviously made aware of the situation and took a shot at Rios on Twitter.

“Brandon Rios [has] always been my punching bag since we were kids! Where’s the contracts,” stated Ortiz.

Ortiz’ comments amused Rios, who shot back at Ortiz and stated that he used to make Ortiz cry.

“The last time I remember I used to make you cry in sparring,” said Rios.

The animosity these two fighters have for each other is real and it’s intense. It makes for a terrific fight as long as it lasts, but it would probably take more than a fight and a psychiatrist to get these two to resolve their issues.

A win for either fighter over the other would give them bragging rights and more than likely push them to bigger and better things. The fight would probably do more for Ortiz at the moment, which is rebuilding his career at the moment.

Ortiz fought twice last year and was KO’d by Luis Collazo. After which he enlisted the services of renowned trainer Joel Diaz. Ortiz won his next fight via TKO in the third round against Manuel Perez in a fight to get Ortiz his confidence back.