Broner Says He Will Do Better Numbers Than Canelo on Showtime


Recently ThaBoxingVoice had a chance to catch up with Adrien Broner, who will be challenging Paulie Malignaggi this Saturday for the WBA Welterweight Belt this Saturday. Broner went over such things as his relationship with Malignaggi’s ex, Jessica Corazon, his reality TV show, and what he expects for his rating numbers on this Showtime event.

ThaBoxingVoice started off by asking, what the relationship was between him, Jessica, in what seems to be a love triangle with on and off again girlfriend Arie Nicole, aka MissLouisBags. Broner responded, “It ain’t no love triangle, I’ll tell you that”. We then asked if Jessica is then out of the picture and Broner stated, “Jessica’s my homie, she my friend.”

After a couple more back and forth’s regarding what Broner classifies as dating or not, and a few more compliments to himself, we moved onto his reality TV show in which we asked how it was going. “You’ll see another one this week, probably 2, I’ll drop them this week. We’re goanna take it to the bigger stage real soon”, said Broner.

Next, the topic moved onto more of a subject for boxing fans as Canelo’s  record rating numbers on Showtime was brought up compared to his HBO record rating numbers. He was asked if he thinks that his numbers will transcend to the smaller network in Showtime even though it has about 6-8 million lesser viewers than HBO. Broner responded, “Of course. Who in the boxing world that don’t want to see AB? Everyone want to see AB. I’ll fight on nickelodeon and still get the numbers.”

Lastly, we asked him if he thinks he will be able to match the 1.5 million number that he got as a rating number on HBO and Broner simply replied, “Definitely”. Whether you like Adrien Broner or hate Adrien Broner, 1 thing that you cannot say he has, and that the ability to get people to pay attention to him, and that, in boxing, is a very good and very monetarily profitable thing.