Broner Stakes His Claim As The 3rd Best Fighter in The World, Hopes Maidana is Ready


Adrien Broner is entertaining inside the ring and is to some, outside of it. While you can criticize his actions outside of the ring, you can’t deny his talent. At age 24, he is already a 3 time, 3 weight division champion. After dethroning Paulie Malignaggi last June by jumping up from lightweight to welterweight, Broner is set to defend his WBA welterweight champion against hard-hitting Argentine Marcos Maidana on December 14th in San Antonio, Texas.

Broner usually one to talk and try to get under his opponents skin has kept the talk to a minimum with Maidana. “I really can’t say much because he’s not going to understand what I’m saying, so I kept it light on the talking. But he’s a hard puncher; he’s a good fighter too. You can’t say anyone that ever fought Marcos Maidana has come out not knowing they fought Marcos Maidana. He’s a tough mother f*cker,” stated Broner on a media conference call.

Broner said he took the fight with Maidana because the masses haven’t giving him credit in regards to his accomplishments. No doubt, Maidana will be the biggest puncher he’s ever faced. But Broner says, Maidana’s got to find him first.

“He may hit hard but can he find me is the question? I never fight anyone the same way. I may stay in front of him but I’ll tell you this, Marcos Maidana has got to make me respect his power and his boxing skill.”

Should Broner win, he says the masses have to give him credit for what he’s done even if he’s already given himself that credit.

“In terms of pound for pound, I got the top 5. Number 1, I got to pay homage to the big bro Floyd Mayweather, still doing it and making it look easy. Number 2, I thought about this a lot. I got to respect what Andre Ward has done. He’s been beating the best for a while now and no one is giving him credit for it. Number 3 is me Adrien Broner. Number 4 is Adrien Broner and Number 5 is Adrien Broner,” stated Broner.

If there was one thing Broner wanted to make clear is that he hopes he gets the best Marcos Maidana so there are no excuses when he is victorious.

“All I’m saying he better be ready cause I’m coming for his ass,” explained Broner.