Broner unleashes on Mayweather: You don’t want anyone to do better than you 

Floyd Mayweather Adrien BronerThe bad blood between Adrien Broner and Floyd seems to be getting worse as days go by. Broner often acts out in public and Floyd is always bombarded with questions about Broker’s antics and behavior.  While Floyd may sugar coat it at times when answering,  Broner seems to be getting fed up with Floyd’s answers as displayed in Broner’s latest video that he released.
“I got some shit to say man,” stated Broner. “Like some shit a lot of blogs and motherfuckers been hitting me up talking about Floyd talking about me again… not once but this has happened  on multiple occasions like this goes back to what I say, ‘real niggas don’t do this type of shit bro.’ If you my so called big bro, when we all big bro,  little bro I wanna see you do this, I wanna see you surpass me, I wanna see you do all this good shot but then you talk bad about me. How real is that? What type of nigga is you? I don’t give a funky what you did nigga! Anytime you was in them lawsuits nigga with yo’ baby mama and they say you hit her with three pieces, I don’t say he shoulda done this or he shoulda done that.  You know what I say? ‘Fuck all that! My nigga ain’t do that! My nigga,  he countin’ some money somewhere.’ That’s the type of shot I say. I don’t say ‘Floyd is hurting himself.’ C’mon bro you was the same nigga five years ago. Four or five years ago burning money in the club. C’mon bro! You’re like 39 [years old] so you was 34 at the time! You were burning money in the club but I ain’t say nothing about that.”
Broner has often imitated Floyd in many ways and has been often criticized in doing so. With that being said, it should come as no surprise when Broner does something outlandish like what Floyd did in the club but the criticism he has received from his mentor continues to strike a nerve.
“[What Floyd did in the club,]that was motivation to me. That was motivation that one day I would have going to have enough money to where I didn’t give a fuck to throw up some change in Wal-Mart. C’mon bro stop talking bad about me bro.”
The comparisons between the two fighters have gone on for quite some time. It is often stated that Broner will never be anything like Floyd and while that may be true, it’s clear Broner wants to be his own man. It appears that he wants to step out of Floyd’s shadow. Does Floyd feel threatened by Broner? Broner feels so and that’s why he is getting such harsh treatment from his mentor.
“What I don’t get is I’m just little ol’ Adrien Broner bro.  A little street nigga from Cincinnati who made it. Four time world champion in four different weight classes but I have yet to make the type of money you have made.  We ain’t in the same tax bracket. Why am I… I’m starting to feel like  I’m a threat to you big bro,  like I don’t like that especially when you got my number, I just sent you a… I’ll be honest I sent you a real sincere text that you ain’t respond to. I’m starting to feel like you saying fuck me so it gotta be fuck you; no homo and that’s what it is bro cuz that’s how it is and that’s how you treating it.”
One of the things that struck a nerve with Broner most was Floyd not caring for him as a boxer because he is not signed under Floyd’s promotion Maybe Mayweather Promotions. Floyd foes want to see him succeed though due to the fact that Broner is black.
“When you start doing interviews and talking shit about me, c’mon bro and then at the end of the interviews you say you don’t care about me as a boxer because I’m not signed to you but as a black man you want to see me succeed. Man! Get the fuck out of here! That’s some bullshit! If you my nigga the way you say is, you on my side whether I’m doing wrong or doing right and you ain’t gonna do it through social media.  You gonna call me and let me know. “
Broner finished the video by taking a shot at Floyd’s ego. Broner stated that Floyd may have a good heart but he does not want to see anyone do better than him.
“I’m gonna be the one to say it because ain’t nobody around you gonna say it. I’m starting to feel like you a good hearted nigga and you might want to help somebody but you will help somebody to do good enough, they might do great but you don’t want them to do better than you.”
With all that is going on between “big bro” and “little bro” you would think that there is going to be genuine hate from the two that they will never reconcile or its a build up for a potential fight between the two.