Carl Frampton Says Quigg And Martinez Turned Him Down, Willing To Fight Santa Cruz In The U.S.


    Carl Frampton is currently riding high after second round knockout over Hugo Cazares and has his eyes set on another Mexican, WBC super bantamweight champion Leo Santa Cruz.

    The fight between the two would be huge no matter where it takes place. Frampton would love to have the fight at home and have the hometown advantage but says he is more than willing and confident enough to fight in America and win the world title the hard way instead of taking the easy way out to win a world title.

    “I could have easier routes to a world title but Scott Quigg and Kiko Martinez didn’t want to fight me,” said Frampton. “We went this route and now I’ve got the fight with Santa Cruz and I don’t care where they want it. When I beat Santa Cruz I will have worldwide recognition. Of course I would prefer the fight at home but if I have to go to the states I’m not worried. I want to be a world champion and I’ll do whatever it takes to fulfil my dream of being a world champion.”

    Frampton believes that Santa Cruz will be a tougher opponent then Cazares but he may be able to knock him out and take over Santa Cruz’s spot as the favorite fighter at super bantamweight.

    “Santa Cruz is going to be even toughter than this guy (Cazares) but I know that I am ready for that. This fight is coming at the right time for me. Santa Cruz is hyped a lot by Golden Boy and he is always on Floyd Mayweather pr Saul Alvarez undercards. He is a big fighter and to beat him, maybe knock him out, then I would take over for him.”