Carlos Buitrago On The Draw With Merlito Sabillo, Poor Treatment He Received In The Philippines


    Carlos Buitrago recently returned home from the Philippines where he fought in a very entertaining fight with 105 pound champion Merlito Sabillo. Upon his return he was greeted at the airport by members of his family and the Sandanista Youth.

    His trip was a disappointing one. The trip was long and the outcome was not what was expected. Besides all of that the treatment he received was not the best either.

    “The trip to the Philippines was tiring,” said Buitrago. “We were at a secluded hotel where we did not talk to anyone. We weren’t even given a scale. If I did not bring my own scale then I would of had no way to keep track of my weight.”

    Buitrago went days without training for his bout with Sabillo as well but states that there are no excuses.

    “I went ten days without training. I am not making excuses but those are details that were overlooked and that others have stated differently.”

    The outcome of the fight was controversial. Some believed Buitrago won and some believe Sabillo won but Buitrago did not expect a draw and felt he did enough to win.

    “A tie is not what I expected. I feel that I won. I feel good about my performance as well because I performed the best out of all Latinos that fought on the card that night. I did well because it is very hard to come out with a draw in the Philippines.”

    Despite his performance, Buitrago feels he could have done more to walk away victorious against Sabillo.

    “If you look carefully, he escaped being knocked down and did not give me the opportunity to finish the fight. I have to improve my physical conditions. I think I should have pushed myself more in the fight and can win a rematch by knockout.”