Chris Arreola On Victor Ortiz: This Guy Needs To Man Up! What A Little Bitch!


    Chris Arreola is known for many different qualities and honesty is one of those qualities that sticks out most to me. He has been criticised in the past for being overweight and not training but he admits it which is an admirable quality. When he gives opinions on other fighters as well he is yet again honest.

    Arreola recently commented on Victor Ortiz whom earlier this week commented on two of his losses to Marcos Maidana and Josesito Lopez stating that he was better than them and that they are nowhere near his level.

    Arreola laughed at Ortiz’ statement then said, “WHAT!? This guy just needs to man up! What a little bitch! I have 3 losses and do I wish (I had) those fights back? Fuck Yeah! But those 3 men beat me in the ring and I tip my hat to them. Victor Ortiz needs to man the fuck up!”