Cornelius Bundrage is a Happy Man Eyeing His Shot At Canelo Alvarez

    Now with Golden Boy, Will K9 win the Canelo Alvarez sweepstakes

    For weeks now, the rumor has been that Cornelius ‘K9’ Bundrage was going to defend his IBF belt against former welterweight title holder Andre Berto. However throughout all the rumors, Bundrage was quiet and would not comment on the matter. The reason was simple. “I stayed quiet because there were bigger and better things in front of me,” explained Bundrage.

    Berto has a new opponent in Robert Guererro and Bundrage has a new promoter in Golden Boy Promotions, finally leaving the Don King stable. To Bundrage, the move to Golden Boy was a no-brainer after his Don King contract expired. “Golden Boy gave me the first class treatment, flew me out first class. They put my fight with Cory Spinks on Showtime and I was the main event on a card with all their fighters. I got paid way more than the $38,000 which was the bid placed by Don King. Oscar (De La Hoya), Richard Schaefer, and Eric Gomez are all good people. I got television dates and  guarantees, God is great,” said a very happy Bundrage.

    To Bundrage now, it’s more than just fighting but making more sound business decisions. He feels he’s in position to pick and choose his fights. He says, “I want to clean out and unify the Jr. Middleweight division. I got the belt. I can be able to pick and choose. I want the big names. If I can’t land the big names, then I’ll come back and fight the Lara’s, the Kirkland’s and the Angulo’s off the world. They’ll still be there. I’m trying to fight higher rank guys, like they’re trying to fight the higher rank guys in me. These young guys should know, you can’t get something for nothing. I’m the only Jr. Middleweight that didn’t win a vacant belt. I went to the champion’s backyard and took his belt,” stated Bundrage.

    At the age of 39, Bundrage feels he still has something to accomplish. He wants to show the world how much he has improved on the big stage since the Contender Series and he also wants to put that city of Detroit on notice. “I know the Tigers are going to win the World Series but the city of Detroit already has a world champion and that’s me. With the Red Wing’s being locked out, I want to fight in downtown Detroit, I know folks are out of a job because of a lockout, but me fighting in downtown Detroit would bring some money downtown and get some more traffic downtown.”

    Whether or not it happens, Bundrage would like to fight at home in Detroit, especially against another Michigan native Floyd Mayweather, Jr. “I hit hard and I got the style to give him problems. I respect Floyd and he respects me but a fight with him would be huge at Tiger Stadium but I might be too big for him like I was for Berto, that’s why Berto was scared, I hit hard.”

    While a fight with Floyd may never come to fruition, the plan for Bundrage is simple to return next year and land a big fight. “I want the belts, I want to fight Canelo Alvarez, and I want to fight Cotto. I thought I would get the Cotto fight but they decided on Austin Trout because he doesn’t hit as hard and he was cheaper. I got a real belt not one of the regular or a diamond or an interim. It hurt me when they chose to go with Trout.” Bundrage continued by saying, “I’m a big name and no matter what people say I have fans and I know me and Canelo Alvarez could be a big pay-per-view. I thought I was getting the Canelo fight on September 15th. It hurt me when they went with Josesito Lopez who is a Jr. Welterweight. Me and Canelo could have competed with Chavez-Martinez on pay-per-view. Me and Canelo would be something special but if God says it will happen it will happen, but I got a real belt and all you other champions should come and try and get it.”