Deontay Wilder Wants To Bring The Heavyweight Belt Back To America By Beating A Klitschko

Deontay Wilder Has been in the media lately with his words with Bryant Jennings

With a record of 25-0 with 25 KOs, Deontay Wilder is a heavyweight fighter that must be watched and taken seriously. When you KO every single person you get in the ring with, notice must be taken. I talked with Deontay on various subjects this week. Some of the topics included his fight style, when his next fight will be, and what he has to say to his critics. We also got into the numerous twitter comments between him and such fighters such as Bryant Jennings, Tyson Fury, and even a back and forth with a certain promotions company.

Deontay was born in Alabama, which may lead you to wonder how he got the nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. So I asked him how he got the name, he said, “The Bronze part is because of the medal I got in the Olympics and the Bomber part was from Joe Louis since he was Brown Bomber.” So I wondered if Joe Louis was 1 of his favorite fighters and if that was why he got in the sport, but he said, “My favorite fighters were Muhammad Ali and Thomas Hearns. I got in the sport because I was 19, just made the basketball team and then my child was born with Spina Bifida, so I had to support her. My friend knew a boxing trainer and it opened a whole new world for me, it was the opportunity that I needed.”

Deontay Wilder didn’t start boxing until 2005. In just a year and a half he already had a National Golden Gloves and a US Championship, and then in 2008, he won a Bronze medal in the Olympics. I wanted to get more in the mind of Deontay, so I asked him who he likens himself do from past fighters, what fighter resembles his style. He thought about it and then said, “I don’t think anyone does. I feel like I’m building my own foundation and my own history. So I don’t think anyone in history resembles my style.”

Finally before getting to his current plans, I wanted to know his dream fight, he laughed and responded, “The same fight as everyone, the Klitschkos. A lot of people say they are going to retire soon, but I don’t think they will. They retired before and came back because they said the money was too easy. I want to bring the heavyweight belt back to America, so that is who I would want, I don’t want to win a heavyweight title that happens to be vacant, I want to earn it.”

So before we give him a belt and have Deontay lined up against a Klitschko, he still has some work to do. So we talked about when his next upcoming fight will be, he said, “I have something I’m setting up for December 15th, I have an idea of the opponent and venue, but we’re still in negotiation, so I can’t announce now, but something will come out soon.” Then I brought up some of this “Twitter” battles he’s had recently, mostly against Main Events and Bryant Jennings. I saw that he said on twitter that he was offered 20K from Main Events Promotions to fight Bryant Jennings, and that Deontay replied back and said make it 70K, so I asked if he’s gotten a response from that. Deontay said, “No, I haven’t heard back from them. I’ll fight Jennings anytime of the day and I’ll fight him for free. There are a lot of people I want to shut up. People said that I’m dodging, but why would I dodge someone that can’t even punch and you in a division that’s based off power? I don’t run from anyone, I’m a fighter.” Deontay continued on Jennings, “His promotion company was talking for him, but they won’t be in the ring fighting for him. I don’t think he wants to fight me. They wouldn’t lowball me like that if they were serious.”

Next name I brought up to Deontay was Tyson Fury, because that is another name that has been tied with Deontay, but he responded, “Tyson Fury is more looking at title fights, so at this point he has no interest in facing me. I want to give the fans what they want, but I understand people on a certain level have their plans. If it’s meant to be, it will be.” Since he brought up what fans want, I brought up a name I would like to see him face, but haven’t heard the 2 really connected, Seth Mitchell, but he responded, “The only way me and Seth will ever fight is if it’s for a title since we are on the same team.”

Next up was Deontay addressing what a lot of critics have to say about Wilder. I asked him what he thinks about the people who say he’s just a 1 punch fighter and that all he does is go for the KO. Wilder responded, “I never go for the KO. I go in and try to be a sharp as possible and try to let my training come through. I just have natural power and the head is not meant to be hit. Not only do I have power, but I have speed with my punches, so when you add the speed of my punches with the power of my punches anyone is going to go down, no matter who it is.”

Then I wanted him to address the people that say he hasn’t fought anyone, he stated, “The boxing game is tricky. Before my career started we setup a plan and we are currently on pace with that plan. My stats show for itself, we all human beings and we all have failed. I have asked bigger fighters for fights, but they either choose another fighter or they want too much in the deal with me. But I’m okay. I’m on the right path. I’ve been patiently waiting for my moment and my moment is coming soon. In the next 6 to 12 months, my time will come. I WILL be the next heavyweight champion”

Deontay had a final message to his fans, “I definitely appreciate the support, the comments, and the love the fans give. I love the motivation I get, whether it’s good or bad, it gives me motivation. We’re serious about what we do so keep pulling for me and I’ll always love you guys. Just stay tuned, it’s my time, you’re looking at the next heavyweight champion and I don’t want to tell you that I told you so, but I will.”

Hopefully Deontay Wilder will back up his words and live up to the expectations of his fans because America needs and wants a heavyweight champion, it’s good for the sport, and I think he has as good of a chance as any.

Deontay can be reached, in his words, “All day everyday”, on Twitter, under the handle @Bronzebomber.