Did Saul Alvarez Silence the Critics?


    Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has faced a lot of criticism over the past couple years. Boxing fans biggest issue with him was his level of competition. In his building process in the U.S., Alvarez faced off against name fighters who had seen better days. His championship fight was against Mathew Hatton who should not have been able to compete for the title. In his next fight he fought his first legitimate junior middleweight Ryan Rhodes, ending the show with a spectacular 12th round KO but yet fans seem to forget about that fight. After the Rhodes fight, older and smaller fighters were next on the menu to continue the building process.

    With all of the backlash that “Canelo” faced from his lack of opposition it bothered him so much that he demanded the Austin Trout fight from his promoter Golden Boy Promotions. The fight was made and more and more questions about the Mexican champion arose. Would those questions be answered come fight night?

    During the fight we had questions answered but new ones came up. Though he was not as busy as Trout, he showed improved defensive skills and the ability to hurt and knockdown a legit top junior middleweight.

    So as it turns out, Alvarez is the real deal, but will he still receive criticism? Of course he will as would any athlete. The fight was close, so many could say Trout was jobbed and Alvarez had everything in his favor. The only way for Alvarez to hush his critics would be to continue facing top competition and keep winning while improving his skills at the same time.