Don’t Expect A Rios-Alvarado Trilogy Until Next Year


    Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado 1 was a spectacular fight. Both fighters put everything on the line. At the time of the stoppage it seemed like it was done at the right time. You don’t want to see a fighter suffer permanent damage from a fight. While their second fight seemed like it was going to go the same way Alvarado turned the tide and showed us that he could take what Rios was dishing out, causing many to wonder if the first fight was actually stopped prematurely.

    As for the third fight to happen this year, it will not happen as quick as the fans would like.

    “Cameron Dunkin told me we will have two fights in-between and fight Alvarado for a third time next year,” said Rios’ trainer Robert Garcia. Garcia had also stated that a move to 147 pounds could be a possibility if there are no good fights for Rios at 140.

    “Alvarado-Rios could fight ten times and the fans will come out,” said promoter Bob Arum. When asked about seeing them face off right away Arum had said, “Let’s see them against other people. I think the fans would like that. You know Brandon wants to get back in the ring with Alvarado but I will talk to Brandon. I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

    Alvarado recently had surgery on his hand and it could be about six weeks until we have an approximate time for when it will heal.