Estrada-Gonzalez 2: A match made in boxing heaven, a robbery made in Texas!


The rematch between Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman Gonzalez did more than just live up to the hype, it surpassed all expectations. These two fighters were a match made for each other in boxing heaven. They could fight a million times and each fight would have you on the edge of your seat.

The fight was action-packed in each and every round. Both fighters delivered but it was Gonzalez, whom many considered the underdog who came, saw, and conquered. Unfortunately, the judges did not see it that way (here’s a nice middle finger pointed at you shitty judges that judged during the entire fight card). The fight was close. I get it. As I said, it’s a match made in boxing heaven, but it was a robbery made in Texas. 

Estrada’s corner told him he needed the knockout to win because, in reality, he did need it. It’s no wonder why they jumped for joy when Estrada was announced as the winner. I am a huge fan of both of these fighters but the reactions of Estrada’s corner and he himself speak volumes.

Gonzalez was humble in defeat and even reduced to tears. He stated in the post-fight interview that he won twice and he did not lie. It’s a shame to see someone so nice/humble get shit on by these ignorant fucks out there. 

While I have my view of what transpired so does the rest of the world. Some opinions matter more than others but from what’s out there in the boxing world, most had Chocolatito winning.

Reactions from Twitter:

Sulem Urbina: I had it a draw. What a fight! 

Liam Smith: Chocolatito is now my new favourite fighter. That fight was unbelievable, thought the wrong winner but, what a fight that was to watch. 

Amanda Serrano: WOW great Fight not a great decision 

Rosie Perez: Oh snap! They gave it to Estrada! 

Cyborg: 117-111 Estrada?! Come on man!

Jorge Linares: What a bad decision. Please 117 111 come on..

Mike Coppingher: Really thought Chocolatito won that fight. Close but thought he was the cleaner puncher. Bad break. 117-111 is disgusting

Brian Campbell: I love boxing so damn much. Even Texas can’t take this high away. #ChocolatitoEstrada2

Liam Smith: Wow

Cynthia Conte: Wowowowowow Chocolatito won that fight. I guess we’re having a trilogy 

Tevin Farmer: Well deserved win

Kal Yafai: Naa I haven’t that. 117-111? GTFOH!!!

Caleb Truax: 117-111 Estrada is one of the WORST FUCKING SCORECARDS I’VE EVER SEEN

Brian Viloria: Just Wow

Frank Espinoza: I thought Gonzalez won. Good fight.

Lou DiBella: This didn’t age well, but ESTRADA DID NOT WIN. The wide card was absurd and fictitious and THE WRONG MAN WON!!!! Signing off. I know what I saw and Roman Gonzalez got hosed. 

Andre Ward: Estrada had momentum that he lost in the last 3-4 rounds. Chocolatito showed more than I thought he would. Thought Chocolatito edged it. But there were at least 3-4 swing rounds that could have gone either way. Can’t argue with 115-113 for Estrada, but the 117-111 was way off.