Fight analysis – Mykal Fox captures UBF All America Welterweight title over Manuel Alejandro Reyes


4 Rounds Featherweights – Weusi Johnson vs. Martino Jules (Allentown, PA) – The fight opened to a fasted paced first round that saw Johnson being a lot more active and a lot more aggressive. Jules had his moments but didn’t do much in the first as he had more of a feeling out round to start. Jules became more active in the second, he landed the better punches and displayed his great head movement but making Johnson miss a lot of punches. As the fight progressed, Jules constantly put Johnson on the ropes, applying a lot of pressure and wearing Johnson down. Johnson became sloppy as he missed a lot of his punches and anything that landed had no pop behind it. In the closing round, Jules landed a solid left that almost looked to stop Johnson but he couldn’t follow up, got too aggressive and careless and let Johnson finish. Martino Jules was in complete control from the 2nd round and on winning a majority decision with scores of 38-38, 40-36 and 39-37 improving his record to 2-0.

4 Rounds Super Bantamweight – Jose Elizondo vs. Hector Bayanilla (Allentown, PA) – first round saw a lot of action with both fighters as they both let their hands go and got the best of one another. Bayanilla looked to almost stop Elizondo as he let out a barrage a punches mid round that Elizondo had no answer for. Early in the 2nd round Bayanilla dropped Elizondo with a solid
left hook, Elizondo never seemed hurt by the punch but bayanilla got the better of him in the round taking complete control after the knockdown. Later in the fight both fighters showed a great display of effort to try and out power one another. Bayanilla came out looking to finish the fight while Elizondo looked to return the favor by trying to either score a knockdown or a knockout. Bayanilla ultimately controlled the final round, he stunned Elizondo early in the round and proceeded to overwhelm him with punches after almost every effort by Elizondo to turn the fight around. In the end, Bayanilla improved to 2-0- 1 winning a unanimous decision 40-35, 39-36 x2. 4 Rounds Heavyweights – Ralph Alexander vs. Michael Coffie (debut) – Coffie knocks Alexander out 1 minute into the first round.

4 Rounds Light Flyweight – Harold Lopez (Allentown, PA) vs. Jerrod Miner – In a exciting 4 round bout, Allentown, PA’s Harold Lopez went toe to toe with Philadelphia’s Jerrod Miner. The fight saw action from both sides with both men displaying their power and ability to stand in the middle of the ring and trade shots. Harold Lopez consistently connected power shots to the body of Miner while Miner looked upstairs most of the fight looking for a one punch knockout end. Ultimately, Lopez put on a greater effort to win the fight by connecting more punches and stopping Miner in his tracks every time he tried to close the distance. Lopez took the fight winning convincingly with scores of 40-36, 39-37 x2 improving his record to 2-0- 1.

4 Rounds Featherweights – James Early vs. Juan Sanchez (Allentown, PA) – 39-37 unanimous decision Juan Sanchez
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4 Rounds Super Featherweight – Joseph Adorno vs. Jahaziel Vazquez – Allentown resident and crowd favorite Joseph Adorno needed only 2 rounds to completely destroy Jahaziel Vazquez. The opening round saw little to no action from Adorno who just patiently felt his opponent. Coming into the 2 nd round, Adorno pressed the action dropping Vazquez with a right hand over the top. As the round progressed Adorno continued to stalk his opponent before unloading a barrage of punches in the final 10 seconds of the round, scoring a knockout with just 2 seconds left as his opponent laid motionless in Adorno’s own ring corner. Adorno kept his undefeated record and his knockout streak of 5 wins and 5 knockouts.

Co Main Event – 8 Rounds Light Weights – Ricardo Garcia vs. Victor Vazquez – Both guys didn’t hold back in the opening round as they let their hands go and landed heavy shots on each other. Vazquez mid round already displayed a bloody nose and he took some heavy shots from Garcia. Following the first round, Vazquez seemed to get more comfortable and began to walk down Garcia. Vazquez landed the better shots, opening a cut over Garcia’s left eye and almost dropping him at the end of the round. Later in the fight Vazquez found an opening as he trapped Garcia against the ropes and landed a hard-right hand that put Garcia on his back. Garcia survived the count and looked frustrated following the knockdown, loading up on all his punches afterwards but having little to no success. Garcia seemed more comfortable mid fight as he started to outbox Vazquez but then went down again in the 6 th round where the fight once again took a turn in Vazquez favor. Victor Vazquez led the rest of the fight scoring another knockdown and near stoppage in the 8 th and final round giving Ricardo Garcia his first defeat with a majority decision win.

Main Event – 8 Rounds UBF All America’s Welterweight title –  vs. Mykal Fox – The main event of the evening featured a fighter coming out of the wild card gym in Manuel Reyes as he battled Maryland undefeated prospect Mykal Fox. The fight was split down the middle early. Both fighters trading blows back and forth and walking each other down but neither one producing enough pop to hurt the other. Fox, who was the taller lengthier fighter looked to be slicker in the later round, dancing around the ring and slipping some of Reyes’ best shots. As the fight carried on it became apparent the fight would go its full 8 rounds as neither guy was phasing the other. Reyes was continuously walking Fox down but it was Fox who would be showing the better boxing ability. Fox focused more upstairs than to the body as Reyes’ face began to swell. In the end it was 78-74, 80-72, 79-73 in favor of Mykal Fox who captured the UBF All America Welterweight title and kept his 15-0 record in tact.