Golovkin Aims High and Low: Would Fight Ward at 168 and Canelo at 154


Getting fights with credible opponents is a daunting task for top middleweight Gennady Golovkin. After dismantling Gabriel Rosado earlier this year and drilling Nobuhiro Ishida in a knock out of the year type punch, he finally has what the boxing world sees as a legit middleweight test in Matthew Macklin.

In most of his high profile fights Macklin has come up short. He was stopped in his fight with Sergio Martinez but put up a valiant effort as he even dropped Martinez in that fight. He was also on the losing end of a questionable decision against Felix Sturm in Germany. But Macklin is now one of the few that have decided to get in the ring with a guy that Max Kellerman called a monster.

In an interview with ThaBoxingVoice Radio Show, Golovkin acknowledges Macklin as a tough customer. “He had a good couple fights with Sergio (Martinez) and (Felix) Sturm. For me Matthew beat Felix Sturm and it was close with Sergio. I think my style is better because I want to fight for fans for television and I need to make a statement, more than Sergio and Sturm and he won’t be hard to find in the ring. I have message and plans for him. He’s a good fighter but we’re about the same size. I have the same power if not better and same speed. It’s a very difficult fight but I will make for a good performance,” said Golovkin.

Golovkin’s English was noticeably better in his interview, certainly a far improvement from the first time he was on the show before his fight with Proksa. Golovkin goes to English classes once a week for two hours in an effort to speak the language fluently, because he knows how vital that is for the growth of his career to get fights with the champions in my division.

“It’s important that I learn English so I can be bigger in boxing and guys in my division will fight me,” explained Golovkin.

Most of the guys at 160 have said no. Golovkin made it clear that he would fight anyone from 154-168, including Andre Ward and Canelo Alvarez.

“I feel HBO is pushing for me and Ward maybe next year, but I’m focused on Matthew Macklin. Ward needs time for rehab and I need to have a few more fights for super middleweights. Right now, I think he is probably the best fighter in the world but it’s still a few fights away. For me the two biggest fights are Andre ward and Canelo Alvarez because I’m at 165 and I can make middleweight and I can still make jr. middleweight. I think that would also be good for Golden Boy, everyone involved.”


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