Golovkin-Stevens: One Sided KO Inevitable?


Gennady Golovkin has taken America by storm shooting up the ladder of success faster than most of his opponents have lasted in his current streak of 14 straight knockouts.

Brooklyn native Curtis Stevens, who will be fighting close to home in the Theatre at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, has taken a much different path en route to get back on HBO after losing to Andre Dirrell his first time on the network.

The Las Vegas betting lines, boxing fans and media alike aren’t giving Stevens much of a chance besides as a puncher. Can you really blame them in a matchup that looks like a duck?

It seems like HBO is playing a dangerous game of trick or treat with triple G’s.

As much as boxing fans lust for a good knockout, most will tell you they want a 2 way fight that at least keeps them guessing about who will win throughout the fight.

A knockout seems almost certain with these two punchers. The real question is not how long this fight last but will it feature two way action and for how long.  

We know Gennady has been tearing up his competition with Kassim Ouma lasting until the 10th round, the longest in his string of demolition.  Ouma was able to take the pain and inflict some of his own.

Matthew Macklin was supposed to be a real test and he got battered, bruised, and bodied inside of three rounds.

Golovkin seems to pass the eye test when it comes to power but does Curtis truly posses the kind of power that could break Gennady?

As a fan and for Steven’s sake, I sure hope so because it’s the only reason that makes this fight remotely interesting to watch and his one true chance to win the biggest fight of his life.

I for one question just how much of a knockout artist Curtis Stevens is.

For starters, who exactly has he knockout out that is the quality of a contender or tough as nails fighter with a chin at the middle or super middleweight division.

Curtis Stevens may look the part physically, the fact that he doesn’t have a big win can’t be simple just pass over because his drop to middleweight automatically equates to more power.   

Every chance Curtis has had to earn a legit win he has come up short, whether losing to Andre Dirrell, which is no death sentence or coming up short looking very ordinary in an important fight with Jessie Brinkley.

His stint on the NBC sports network has similarities to Gabriel Rosado’s nice run that put Rosado’s in line for a title shot earlier this year with who else, Golovkin.

We saw real improvement from Gab after a few very disappointing performance that had his career in slow motion.

Besides Derrick Findley, he didn’t really fight a live in their prime guys that give much resistance. 

On top of that he fell into old habits in his toughest fight with Findley looking vulnerable as ever on the ropes with a guard that was leaky.

Neither man is a defensive wizard but Golovkin has subtle skill in his footwork and an ability to catch punches on his gloves limiting the incoming damage.

Triple G’s chin, not skill will be tested and I’m very excited to see what happens when these two exchange their Sunday punches, being a left hook.

Another key for Golovkin will be his patience and execution of the game plan while blocking out any of the tough talk that hit a fever pitch when Stevens held a funeral for Gennady in Brooklyn early in the promotion.

An agitated Gennady Golovkin will probably produce two things.

A more focused, hunter who will use the trash talk as fuel that will only make him more dangerous.

Or he could get careless attempting to end the night early head hunting instead of using a vicious body attack.

If this fight ends as one sided and early most people think HBO and GGG’s team may have a dilemma on their hands.

With Daniel Geale getting the winner of Felix Strum vs. Darren Barker, and Martin Murray angling himself in 2014 for another title shot probably across the pond, it will be very interesting to see how they keep Golovkin occupied and the fans happy with his foes.

Triple G is far and above the better fighter. As previously mentioned Stevens looks the part but is he just a playing a supporting role in what is the Gennady Golovkin legend.

After all the tough talk from Curtis Stevens can he put his words in to action or will he go to sleep like a good boy?