Growing Stable For Eddie Mustafa Muhammad


    Eddie Mustafa Muhammad is putting together quite the stable of talented fighters. His greatest fighter currently is Chad Dawson who will be fighting against Adonis Stevenson in Montreal on June 8th. The recent addition of once defeated Mike Jones has improved his stable. Jones last appeared in the ring was  one that shocked many. Jones was dominating Randall Bailey in their fight until the unexpected happened. Jones went down not once but twice and was knocked out. Jones has not been back in the ring since then leaving many to wonder if he was ever going to return. “Mike is having managerial problems,” said Muhammad. “He is trying to get his situation straight but he is going to be alright.”

    Diego Magdaleno and Amir Mansour have also been added to the stable of fighters. “I have been blessed to have these guys so that I can take them to the next level,” Muhammad told Tha Boxing Voice. But that is just the beginning. “I am working now with Ishe Smith on his July 19th defense against Carlos Molina.” The fight will go down on Showtime.


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