Hearn Says Chavez Jr.-Froch Is Imminent


    download (1)According to Eddie Hearn, a Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Carl Froch fight is imminent.

    Hearn when speaking to Sky Sports stated, “We’re hoping to close Chavez-Froch soon. We’re working to get things finalized for the end of March. It’s a great fight and Froch will finally get his fight in Las Vegas.”

    Hearn is in Las Vegas for the Amir Khan-Devon Alexander fight but made the trip to meet with representatives from Chavez’ side.

    Hearn and Chavez’ new advisor al Haymon have met before and it seems like the fight is being aimed for the end of March. However, the one hurdle remains in the contract Chavez had with Bob Arum who is claiming there is still one fight left with Chavez. If you know boxing, the names Arum and Haymon don’t mix. Stay tuned.