In a Year of Upsets Why Is Algieri Given No Shot Against Pacquiao?‏


    boxingweb15s-webThere’s a reason why Rocky is far and away the biggest boxing movie of all time. The movie is loved and regarded very highly in the boxing community so much so that Sylvester Stallone was voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame because of the success and influence the character has had over boxing worldwide.

    As most people already acknowledge, Algieri is cast as the role of “Rocky” in his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao on November 22. This is nothing new to Algieri as he was an underdog in his last two fights against Emmanuel Taylor and Ruslan Provodnikov and pretty much for a great portion of his career. He has had to deal with the doubters before and has proven them wrong time and time again, but this time people aren’t listening and paying attention to Algieri’s history because everyone is talking like this is going to be the easiest fight of Pacquiao’s careeer.

    Algieri doesn’t have the typical boxing story that most fighters have. He is not from an urban city and doesn’t come from poverty. He has a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and works as a clinical nutritionist when he is not boxing, so he really doesn’t need the sport. Algieri does it because of the competitive nature inside him. He truly enjoys the challenge of combat.

    It is no secret that Pacquiao is not the same fighter that he was three or four years ago and on top of that, Algieri has a style that Pacquiao admittedly doesn’t prefer. Pacquiao doesn’t like to go looking for guys. He likes it when opponents stand and trade with him, but that’s just not going to happen in this fight in my opinion. Algieri’s history has shown us otherwise.

    So, in year where we have had upsets such as: Miguel Cotto beating Sergio Martinez, Chris Algieri over Ruslan  Provodnikov,  Luis Collazo knocking out  Victor Ortiz, Juan Manuel Lopez stopping Ponce De Leon, and Sam Soliman winning a squeaker over Felix Sturm, could we add this one to the list? The smart money says no but it’s been wrong before. This one may turn out to be interesting.