Jean Pascal “When I win this fight I’m going to be TBE”







On March 14th Jean Pascal will have the biggest fight of his career when he takes on light heavyweight kingpin Sergey Kovalev in Montreal. This fight has more than just titles on the line. His legacy is riding on the Kovalev fight.

In a recent interview with Tha Boxing Voice Pascal was asked what a win over Kovalev would do for his career and he stated that it would catapult him to greatness in Canadian boxing history. Specifically, Jean Pascal would be considered the best boxer in Canadian history.

“[It’s] simple,” said Pascal. “When I win this fight I’m going to be TBE ever in Canada. The best ever!”

Floyd Mayweather has long laid claim to being “The Best Ever,” so being “TBE” in Canada is a tremendous feat for Pascal, but first he has to get past Kovalev. As Bernard Hopkins found out in November, getting past Kovalev is no easy task. Should Pascal be victorious over Kovalev, then only Adonis Stevenson is left standing in his way to becoming Canada’s top boxer. Impressive, don’t you think?