Ken Porter Dismisses Rumors of Possible Fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in Mexico


    imagesYesterday it was reported by numerous websites that Juan Manuel Marquez and his promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, will be attending the Shawn Porter-Kell Brook fight tomorrow night in the hopes of possibly setting a up fight in Mexico with winner. We at contacted Shawn’s father and trainer/manager Ken and this it what he had to say: “None of that sounds advantageous to Shawn. Obviously we want to continue with having advantages when we go in the ring. It’s not an advantage to go to Mexico and fight a former multiple time world champion.”

    Even though the story was all over the internet yesterday Porter was not aware of it until we contacted him about the story. “The first I heard about it is coming from you. Noone has brought that information to me at all that he has an interest in fighting us. I did hear yesterday but again first it came from you that he was coming to the fight,” he explained.

    Regardless of possible future fights that could happen down the road if Shawn Porter wins tomorrow night, Porter is focused on the task at hand. “We have not taking our eyes off of the guy we’re looking at right now and what we got going on Saturday night. There is no consideration for anything like that and if they bring it my attention right now. It definitely wouldn’t be a consideration for us to go across the border to fight the young man over there.”

    Even though Porter is not keen on having the fight in Mexico, he did not totally dismiss the idea of a fight in the future in the United States. “Although it is a big name,  he does have a great resume, but that fight for me sounds like the MGM Grand and it sounds like a PPV, so that’s where my interests would be MGM Grand and PPV.”